Colin Firth speaks out…

One man has the power to stop the loggers. Brazil’s Minister of Justice. But it is just not his priority. Let’s push it up his list.’ – Colin Firth

Colin Firth has appealed to save the Awá from extinction

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Dear Colin,

You are the loveliest socially conscious man I know, er, well, I don’t really know you, although sometimes I feel like we are friends. I keep saying it with the hope that we could eventually become friends. I suppose I am being a bit strange aren’t I? What I mean by ‘socially conscious,’ is, that you do much more than is advertised by the media and various organizations, most of which is usually un-mentioned. I wish I knew, because I would then write about it and bring it to attention as well.

I must admit I don’t know a lot about the Amazon’s Awa tribe and I had not heard of Survivor International. I am jolly glad that you have joined their campaign to lend your voice and bring attention to the plight of the Awa, which as I now understand, is considered to be Earth’s most endangered tribe. I have been shamefully ignorant of the risks they face from deforestation and the invasion of the ‘white’ hunters( as the tribe calls them) with weapons. I had absolutely no idea there was a full forest battle going on between the Awa and local hunters, which is now at the point of genocide according to the article I read in the Guardian. It is unbelievably like a scene from a film.  My heart went out to a survivor who described how he hid in the forest from the white ranchers who killed his brothers, his wife, sisters and his mother. I have to know more, their story is incredible, they live with so little, why would anyone allow that ‘little bit’  to be taken away from them?  I found the video fascinating and through it I learned why these trees mattered so much to them and their survival.  Trees matter to us all, but in this case it means the complete extinction of a rare group of people. Is this, then, the end of the rain forest that is not only precious to the people of the Amazon, but to the entire world?


  1. So not only is Colin Firth the sexiest man on the planet, and a great actor, he is also a fantastic husband and a caring individual. I am so proud of him for so many reasons, but most of all because of the good work he’s doing with Survivior International. Amazing!


    1. Just about perfect isn’t he? Could he be any more appealing 🙂 I love a man who is not just brilliant at his craft but is so unselfish and generous. I bet his children are unspoiled too.


  2. tita buds says:

    I wasn’t aware of the Awa and their plight, too. It’s terrible what’s being done to them and the seeming indifference of the Brazilian government.
    Sadly, not even Colin’s sexy stare can decimate the abusive and horrible ‘white hunters’.


    1. I wasn’t aware either Tita, first time I even heard of them. A ha, but Colin’s sexy stare is worth mentioning, even though it hasn’t done anything prevent the genocide.


  3. Malin says:

    Fantastic bit. Had not been aware of this issue. Thank you, and Mr. Firth for enlightening me!


    1. Makes you want to get on board and do something doesn’t it?


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