ABC cancels yet another show I love…

I was beginning to think ABC had made some intelligent decisions, lately. Bringing in shows like ‘Once upon a Time’ ( I love this modern twist on Snow White and the evil queen) Missing, Pan Am and Scandal. While I just don’t have the time to watch all of them, I must confess I watch ‘Once upon a Time’ religiously  and really got into ‘Missing’ – this show has a brilliant cast, it is a Robert Ludlum type thriller and Ashley Judd reminds me of a female Jason Bourne, except that she has a son who is ‘missing.’ So we have a twist, not only is she a mother who is emotionally wrought because her son has been kidnapped, she has also just found out her dead husband is very much alive, he has plenty of answers for her, but they need to get on the same page first and figure out who has their son.  Best of all, she can also outsmart and out fight some pretty nasty men. How I love a strong female character. My favorite locations have been Hungary,Turkey and Vienna so far. Each week, I am literally on edge by the end of the show and cannot wait for the following week. Why? I ask you… why are they cancelling this show? Is it because Morgan Freeman is missing from Missing? I mean you all know how Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman make a good team right? could he perhaps make a guest appearance? the thing is, there are some really good actors; Sean Bean (Lord of the Ring, Game of Thrones) for example is fantastic, Keith Carradine is so good at being bad, you don’t even see it coming. Is it the budget? why are people not watching? I am so disappointed  ABC has decided to cancel this show, I sincerely hope another network steps in to pick it up. We are missing quality shows with strong, passionate characters on t.v. lately, and axing a really good show  before it has time to build a fan base, write even better scripts, travel far and wide to bring us more suspense and action, is not the answer. What a pity it has to end before it even began.



  1. tita buds says:

    And here I was looking forward to when that show gets to our shores…:(
    I first heard of Missing after Ashley Judd wrote an essay about how women are continually being judged primarily according to looks. Right away I knew I wanted to watch the show.
    This reminds me of Commander-in-Chief with Geena Davis. I thought that was a smart one, but it got cancelled too soon, too.


    1. Tita, I am so annoyed, no, make that irritated. This show really has potential and the fact that they didn’t order anymore new episodes really bugs me. This is not the Charlies Angels type fake stuff, this is gritty, I love Ashley Judd. I am so surprised at how they demeaningly continue with shows like the ‘Bachelor’ and parade women so they can make fools of themselves, yet a show with a strong female character, hmmm, not so much. Uh, can you tell I am not happy? 🙂


  2. I love Ashley Judd, but I never got sround to watch as I already have too many on my DVR lineup. I’m always sorry to see quality shows go, though. Sounds like this one was very good.


    1. Oh Monica I was just getting into this show. It upsets me so much when they keep shows like the Bachelor( which has no success rate whatsoever) and cancel shows with substance.


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