The people of Cockenzie would like very much to say hello…

Looks: Colin Firth on set of the film The Railway Man being filmed in Scotland

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Dear Colin,

I know you are extremely busy filming very important and top-secret scenes for your film, ‘The Railway Man,’ in Scotland. I’ve seen fan photos of you everywhere, no doubt they are enjoying it. Did you know there are many who are hoping for just a glimpse of you in Cockenzie? well, by many I mean um, some lovely ladies who are – die-hard and will never get over Mr Darcy – your biggest fans.  Er, lucky 13 yr old in Bo’ness who got in a quick photo with you. You probably made her day, that’s so nice of you. Anyway, if you go back to Cockenzie and have some time there, could you pop out for a quick hello then?

It’s funny, you don’t look your usual self, not that you look different, I just suppose you have to look the part of an ex- POW and that’s crucial isn’t it? Um, sorry, I didn’t really know that  young Eric Lomax would be played by Jeremy Irvine. No, I still haven’t seen ‘War Horse’ but I plan to, very soon actually. I was  wondering how they would make you look so young, I think I quite clearly missed the reports that mentioned you would play the older, grittier version. By the way, I really liked that photo of your wedding from the film, also the colors they seem to be using. I happen to read that the wedding scenes are the only happy bits in the film, is this true?

Colin Firth  on location at St Monans Church.Pic: George McLuskie

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Oh, and um, why do you say beautiful people have great difficulty getting good roles? are you talking about yourself or someone else? I don’t think anyone would be presumptuous enough to call you shallow Collin, absolutely not. You don’t even remotely come across as a shallow being. I think people might be more intimidated by your intelligence and eloquence instead. That said, I am guilty, well sometimes, of assuming there is a bit of shallowness associated with certain roles. I won’t do that anymore. On a different note however, I am very happy the release date of Gambit is now set for October 12 – did I get that right? – instead of January 2013. I’m interested to see you partnered with Cameron Diaz,  I read articles about how gushy she got over you. Well, um, you sort of have that effect on people now don’t you?

Now then what did you and your boys do for your gorgeous wife on Mother’s Day? I hope whatever it was, she loved it.

Are you off to Burma and Thailand then? or is it Queensland first. Since I consider myself part Aussie, I am so happy you are going to be filming there, then again with Nicole being Australian, um, it’s pretty spot on in terms of location. It’s even more beautiful further up North if you get to visit.  I am partial to Burma and Thailand though, have you ever been? you’re going to love it. One of my favorite films is the ‘Bridge Over River Kwai’ and that I believe is the bridge your film is referring to.

I know you have a lot of hellos and hand shaking to do, so I’ll leave it there and let you get to with it. Talk to you soon. Safe travels…


  1. tita buds says:

    The top photo reminds me of his Lord Wessex, but a much MUCH hotter version. 😉


    1. Tita, even when he is supposed to look slightly gritty, he doesn’t does he? how frustrating for him but yummy for us 🙂


  2. He looks a bit shabby in the first pic, but quite handsome in the second. As always, I’m looking forward to his next film.

    Btw, War Horse was absolutely wonderful. Made me weepy, but I enjoyed it.


    1. Hmmm, I thought so too Monica, in- keeping with the role I suppose. I also didn’t like the mustache he was sporting.
      I have to see War Horse…


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