I’ve got lot’s to say to you, Colin…

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Dear Colin,

How are you? how is the filming in Thailand going? you are in Thailand, correct? do you like the tropics at all? I haven’t seen any recent footage, that’s nice for you, I’m sure. ( um, not so nice for those of us wanting a glimpse of a scene here and there) especially since filming scenes of prisoners at work on the ‘Death Railway’ is just horribly emotional and tedious, anyone intruding upon your time might just spoil it for you. I suppose if a tourist happens upon you, we will see something. I’ve been wanting to meet you more and more, recently. I was so touched that you had taken time off your hectic schedule to offer support to Rose Akhalu who was in severe need of a kidney transplant and about to be deported to Nigeria. I’ve just read, the deportation proceedings have been halted. I’m quite certain you contributed just a little bit towards that decision by the UK government , oh well, I would like to think you did. You would be  such an interesting person to chat with. I would also like to bring a friend, um or two, who would without a doubt have plenty of questions for you. I will be the one not speaking – I  tend to be a bit tongue-tied  really. My  blog mate Monica, of  http://monicastangledweb.com/ who is a wonderful writer and a lovely human being, will likely speak on my behalf. I promised to bring her along with me, when I met you and vice versa, she’s a fan, just like me. Would that happen, do you think? I would like to think it might- someday.

So, I’ve been seeing lots about an upcoming biopic about Oscar Wilde, which I have to admit has me quite excited. I think, and I always say this to you, your choice in roles lately are just so brilliant, meaty and smart, I hope you continue to be extraordinary in your craft. Also, I was very impressed with the fact that Rupert Everet is making his directorial debut and not only that, he is going to write it and play the leading role. It will be interesting to see how he plays Wilde, especially during those last days.  I love the title ‘Happy Prince’ and since it is only a report, I don’t know if anything about it is true. You and Rupert seem to have an interesting, back and forth debate about your general attributes- er, which are very nice , thank you very much- and your um, general choice of roles in films i.e. Mama Mia, I bet, this will, without a doubt be one very witty, dry humored film.

I will be writing to you about my thoughts on ‘Tinker, Taylor, Soldier Spy’ – Yes! I did finally watch it, and I’m very glad I did.


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  1. Once again, MM, if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t know what Colin is up to! So glad to hear he’s teaming up again with Rupert. Do you remember how wonderful they were together in the Importance of Being Earnest? It’s one of my favorite plays and they did a fine job sparring with the clever barbs. Delicious!


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