Cool Summer Berry Smoothie

I’m back from a fun 2 week holiday. Disneyland for three days, Sea World, Universal Studios – a crowded mess – and Disney’s California Adventure. We had friends visiting us from Australia and our children who are the same age had an absolute ball. It was lovely to see it from their point of view and this time, more than any other, I honestly felt that Disney was without a doubt ‘the happiest place on earth.’ However, I need to detox the body from all the not so healthy, on the-go food we seemed to consume, somewhere between 8am and 11pm- I never eat dinner that late- everyday. Here’s my regular concoction: it is full of berry goodness  and my happy trick for dinner instead of breakfast. I eat gluten-free waffles and tomato basil humus for breakfast instead- sounds weird I know, but I love it – Hope you enjoy!

Add a handful of berries, I love organic strawberries, raspberries and blueberries

Throw in some heart healthy Chia seeds( Whole Foods $9.99) – I use about 1 tablespoon

Voila ! that’s all there is, no added sugar or yogurt( great for vegans), although I sometimes add rice milk, if not all you need is water, oh and perhaps a sprig of mint.


  1. Wow, MM, that looks so good. Just in time, for I had similar culinary adventure while traveling through Europe. After all, what is Europe known for, but it’s fine chocolate! Delicious, but I feel so awful now. I’ll be heading to Whole Foods shortly. Thanks! Oh, and glad you had a fun trip with your Aussie friends.


    1. I just read your post Monica, yummy! Barcelona sounds amazing, oh and not to mention Prague and Vienna. Did you visit Mozart’s birthplace? My girls are back in school, they didn’t want to go back after their whirlwind trip. I know for sure we will visit San Diego again. It was just beautiful, I could move there.


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