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Nicole Kidman and Colin First film scenes on the set of their new film in Fife, ScotlandDear Colin,

How are you? you’ve been a busy man. All these lovely, strong roles in some extraordinary films coming up. Um, read Devil’s Knot is quite the script. Jolly glad that Stephen Moyer has been added to the cast. I don’t watch ‘True Blood’ as much as I would like to. Was it fun working in Atlanta with Reese Witherspoon? I adore her, think she’s so down to-earth and sweet.Well, um, I don’t really know her, I just gathered…probably not a good idea to gather is it? Well, er, I don’t really know you either, I like to think I do. I sometimes imagine I have a direct link to you, well, your telephone number, where I call you and let you know if a certain role is a good choice or not. I’m not in any way saying you can’t make those choices, obviously you’ve proven that. I just would like to think I know what you’re doing – that’s all really.

Are you still on set or away for the Summer? How was the latter half of filming for ‘Railway Man?’ did you like being in Queensland? It is a favorite place of mine. I bet you enjoyed

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Stars from The Railway Man Jeremy Irvine, second left, with Colin Firth, second right, and Tanroh Ishida, far left and Hiroyuki Sonada pose in front of a steam train at Hualamphong train station, Bangkok

 the lovely and laid back atmosphere on the Gold Coast.  It’s a friendly place, sometimes a bit too touristy, but great fun. I don’t know how you were able to get into the mindset of a tortured POW. You seem to have, somehow. I’m sure being in Ipswich was quite a turnaround, given that it is known as the city of railways and no distractions really. Was it the same in Thailand weather wise? It is fairly tropical in both places, except maybe the latter is more humid.  I’ve seen some pretty stirring, still shots from the film, I think someone published them in the newspapers in Asia. I won’t add them to my blog because it will take away something from the film – at least that’s how I feel. I can tell you though, you looked drawn out – very much what I expected for this tough role. Um, the mustache is horrid –  I know, I know, the era calls for it -It doesn’t suit you, it looks fake. I like the wedding photos, makes you look worn, beaten but handsome, still.  Hiro Sanada said quite eloquently in an interview, in Australia, that many people in Japan are still unaware of the torture that took place in these camps. What a fantastic story you are bringing to light, not only to educate, but in-memory of those who died without recognition.

Do you know what I’m most excited about? that Livia is the newest recruit for Oxfam as global ambassador. She does so much to promote ethical and sustainable living, not just by donating her dresses or wearing sustainable clothing and jewelry – well er, you already know this about her – but by bringing to light all the problems women face globally, and by donating her time to help with issues at hand, without an exception or expectation. I just love that you both have a purpose, other than being celebrities who want to be seen all over the place. There’s more action, than speech and I wonder if it has something do with living in the UK. It’s important isn’t it to have ‘that’ purpose? Brilliant, is all I can say. I hope you both continue to recruit many more people toward the causes you support.

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Colin Firth - Stars at 'The Railway Man' Photocall

Colin Firth - Nicole Kidman And Colin Firth Launch The Filming Of Railway Man


  1. MM, what’s the reference to True Blood? Please don’t tell me he was in it? I stopped watching this show after the second season, so I would hate to have missed him. Can’t wait to see Railway Man. He’s looking very dapper. 😉


    1. Oh I’m sorry Monica, Stephen Moyer from True Blood is what I meant. I would have been so upset if I missed Colin on it too 🙂
      You know that link I was going to send you. I checked it out just before I e-mailed it to you and all photos are gone. I had to ask for the page to be translated because it was in Chinese, nothing, zero, no reference to Railway man at all. I wonder if they got into trouble 😦 Will keep looking.


      1. mickey4mice says:

        oops, was meant to reply to your comment.

        Yeh, don’t know what happened to TRM pics on that Asian site, probably got pulled for copyright? But some Tumblr sites seem to have gotten hold of them and are keeping them posted. Here are the links:
        Colin & Nic:
        Just Colin:


      2. Oh wow! Thanks so much. So glad you gave me the link. I don’t think these photos were released. Wonder how they got a hold of it.


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