An important conversation between 7 year old friends…

When my blog friend Monica Medina of Monica’s Tangled Web asked me if I would like to join other bloggers and contribute a post, or many, sharing my observations and bringing my voice, towards a PBS Race 2012 project, I was happy to say yes. PBS will air a documentary about race, color and its impact on the 2012 elections, on October 16th,    (please check local listings) it is going to be fantastic. It will center around the issue of race and how it will influence the way people vote in these elections. This PBS project will then open the subject of race and its impact to our blogging world, which is where I come in.

While I am not politically inclined, this was something I really wanted to be a part of. I will be watching the two campaigns go at it, the next few weeks and I most certainly will have something to say after the debates. There are quite a few issues that concern me. Um, my opinion may not count for much, but I intend to say something, and well, why stop there, I would like to say many somethings if possible, because there is a lot to say. I hope my readers from  around the world will find them as interesting as my regular posts, and come aboard, as I try to make some sense of the Presidential elections – Yes, it is a big one. In the meantime, I have something interesting for you today, it has to do with young, creators, thinkers, would be presidents, CEOs, Mothers, Doctors, Lawyers – you name it, they are our future.

Now, I consider this post very important stuff, filled with lots of important revelations and diverse opinions. It is part of a conversation my youngest had with two of her “best” second grade friends…

My Youngest( who has an opinion about everything): Did you hear that Mitt Romney has a horse?

Best Friend 1( very smart): Oh, so cool! is it black, like the stallion in the book? or brown, oh I love brown, with a white mane. I have a stuffed pony at home just like that. He likes to race my other stuffed ponies. He has his own stable, Does Mitt Romney have a stable for his horse?

Best Friend 2( very funny): I heard Mitt Romney doesn’t want Barak Obama to be President anymore, because he doesn’t like him. That makes me sad. Is it because he doesn’t have a horse?

MY: No, no, Mitt Romney is a nice man, he just doesn’t like the same things as Barak Obama. I think he wants everyone to own a horse. I wish my mom would buy me a horse.

BF1: Mitt Romney doesn’t like to smile!

BF2: He doesn’t? why? are his teeth not well?

BF1: It’s not his teeth, I think he doesn’t feel very good when he speaks, he might need to visit the doctor. Oh will it be like the time we get our shots? we have to pay a co- something or the other, every time we go. Will Mitt Romney have to pay it too? I’ll have to ask my mum. Do you think the President takes his daughters to the doctor?

MY: My mom says Mitt Romney will take us in a different direction. Sometimes when we go to soccer, we take different routes. Do you think that’s what he will do?

BF1: I don’t know. Left is not so great, I like right better. I write better with my right hand. My mom says Mitt Romney gives her a headache. I want to make her feel better. I don’t like Mitt Romney very much, he shouldn’t be giving my mommy a headache.

BF2: My dad says, President Obama is in very hot water. Wouldn’t it burn his skin, if he was in hot water? I turn into a prune if my bath water is too hot. Would his skin turn a different color? my dad also says the President is a wise, smart man, who has done much for our country.

MY: You’re silly. His skin won’t change color. I think, people would like to paint him a different color, just like, I like painting things in different colors. I would like to paint everyone in rainbow colors. Purple is my favorite. What’s yours? I like the President’s color. My mom says he is man of vision, um, it’s sort of awkward, I don’t understand the word, but my sister tells me, he can see into the future. Is it like a magical ball, all sparkly?

BF1: Oooh, I like magical balls, this one time, I went to Disneyland and my mom bought me a beautiful ball that changed color. If you could be any color, what would you be?

BF2: I would be pink, purple and red. I wish people wouldn’t say mean things about other people.

MY: It’s not nice, is it? My mommy always uses the word inappropriate. She talks to herself a lot when she watches CNN. What are elections? my mommy keeps talking about them, I want to vote for Barak Obama, but she says I am too young.


  1. Hahahahaha!! So funny!! 😀


    1. Thank you for stopping by, I thought it was pretty funny too:-) My daughter is 7, she has a lot to say. When she relayed this conversation, I thought it would be perfect to blog about. She is very detail oriented, so it was fun, trying to make sense of it all.


    2. I thought so too:-) makes me wonder what else my daughter talks about at school. Thank you for stopping by.


  2. Mika says:

    Lol oh my word! what a hilariously true to life post, absolutely LOVED it MM 😉
    Great work!


    1. Thank you 🙂 we have to be more mindful of what we say at home. It was pretty funny, so I had to blog about it. Kind of puts things in perspective doesn’t it?


  3. Out of the mouths of babes! Fascinating to take a step back of the political maelstrom we’re in and see it through the eyes of our young. Great post! As you blog about Race 2012, be sure to include links to the FB page and @PBSRace2012! Thanks for doing this. Can’t wait to read more!


    1. I published my post and then realized something was missing, Monica. Will go add the links today. My daughter and her friends are hilarious, also very politically savvy. As parents we say a lot around the house while carefully watching our political landscape, and I know they pick up everything, as responsible as I try to be.


  4. 🙂 out of the mouths of babes, and though I’m not really ahead of what is happening over there – for seven year olds they have done extremely well!


    1. I thought so too 🙂 We try to be smart about what we say, yet, there is always something to watch for. When I heard this conversation, I found it hilarious and had to blog about it.


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