You Tell them Whoopi…

After President and Mrs Obama made an appearance on the View, two days ago.  An “overly concerned” Fox reporter called the ladies of the View “bitties,” – you can look up the word in the dictionary, it is slang, not respectable, not kind, and just plain rude.  But then again what do I know, I think I am part British and I have one way conversations with Colin Firth. Er, well, I don’t know this gentleman and I don’t know what he wanted to gain from kicking up a fuss, but I had a bit of a giggle when Whoopi Goldberg very kindly asked the man if he thought they were ‘the help’ – apparently the word ‘bittie’ also has other derogatory implications. I giggled some more when she told him what he could do with his opinion. It was funny. I mean, quite honestly, I think humor is the best way to deal with anything. I like Whoopi, she is forthcoming, honest and doesn’t mince words. My question is, why do people speak this way? have we not progressed at all? what has happened to our language? Her Majesty would be appalled. I bet no one would dare refer to the queen as a “bittie.” Her English is after all refined, polite and witty. Yes, Her Majesty does have a sense of humor. How do I know? I don’t, but she is the queen and she is British… all right, all right, I am getting carried away. Will move on now.

So here’s the thing. I don’t think either President Obama or Mitt Romney can do anything right at this point. Er, maybe I should write them a note. The President was told very clearly that he should be talking to the UN about extremely important world issues and not to the ladies of the View about why he likes coaching his daughter’s basketball team and how he might celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. I don’t know about you, but I like that side of the man. In fact, I would like to know more about Mitt Romney, no, it’s not a joke, I would actually like to know more about him, I would like to hear personal stories about his life as a dad.  Um, and by the way, lest the naysayers forget, the President did speak to the UN, in fact, that was why he was in New York, he also honored slain ambassador Chris Stevens and he outlined what he wanted for the US in terms of foreign policy. Anyway that being said, whatever your personal preferences are, however skittish you may feel about the state of unemployment, education and healthcare, making incendiary or personal remarks, will not sort out any problem. A little perspective is good for all. Just my two cents worth.

Don’t forget to check out and please watch the PBS documentary Race 2012: A Conversation of Race & Politics in America on October 16th.


  1. MM, I think people got on the President’s case because he didn’t schedule any one-on-one meetings with world leaders during his visit to the U.N. I saw his speech and I thought it was an excellent one, but then instead of meeting with any leaders, he headed toward the View’s studios. I watched the interview and loved it. But I have no idea how detrimental it was to him not to meet with any leaders. Lord knows, Hillary met with them.


    1. Monica, I only saw parts of it and I thought it was really good too. I understand now, how easy it was for them to jump on his case, he gave them plenty didn’t he? There was just something about that one comment… It sort of brought everything to the surface. Great for discussion don’t you think? We will see how the debates go. I can’t wait.


  2. totsymae1011 says:

    I don’t pay much mind to the criticisms. I’m looking at what each candiate says. I missed that episode of The View and will catch it on YouTube. I don’t think it’s a bad thing that the candidates are on these shows. Everyday folk watch, so what better place to be natural than on a couch with a buncha women folk.


    1. You know, that is exactly what I thought. I feel that regular people watch the View and the platform is great for the President to come on, show a different side to him and talk in a relaxed setting about what is most important to people. What a pity it has to turn into something ugly.


    2. Thank you also for ‘liking’ my post and for stopping by. Really appreciate it 🙂


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