Maggie Smith Wins Emmy -Downton Abbey Season 3 – Are you ready?

Big star: Shirley Shirley MacLaine makes her big debut on the show

A Little Teaser From Series 3…photo courtesy:

Congratulations to Dame Maggie Smith. She is just so fantastic as the Dowager Countess Violet Grantham, that one Emmy is simply not sufficient to celebrate our appreciation of her. I wish they would give her five. 1. For the way she looks down her nose with her ‘hit the nail on the head’ observations. 2. For her excessive meddling. 3. For behaving just as a Dame should. 4. For the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and her entire body of acting – well, for that she deserves a Lifetime Achievement Award. 5. For playing the sarcastic, beloved, no-nonsense, yet witty and loyal Professor Mcgonagall, who made me think of a few teachers I’ve had growing up… Since they didn’t, let the bell boards ring, the sniping begin (there’s an exciting amount of that, Shirley MacLaine is on board after all) and the wedding, yes, the one we have so longed for, let it finally bless the beginning of series 3. I don’t know about you, but since Downton Abbey began season 3 in the UK. I am feverishly( and it is a fever, for I feel hot, then clammy, and hot again, when I think about what we’re missing) counting down the days to the airing of its first episode here in the US. It promises to be good, as good as the first series, and better than the second – wait, not that the second wasn’t good, it was just necessary to focus on the war and its aftermath. I didn’t like that Lavinia was killed off, but then, Matthew would not have flashed his shy smile and got down on knee and we would not have seen that different side to Thomas – well he is still conniving, but I grew to like him more because I think the war changed him. Even O’Brien had some moments. Guilt can do that to you.  I think this season will be more focused on the Granthams and their love for Downton, and the introduction of the, er, handsome new footman will no doubt add adventure to Mr Carson’s meticulously governed downstairs. I also have a strong feeling Bates is coming home, I don’t know how, or when, but I feel it in my heart and I have faith in Anna and Bate’s story. He will be Lord Grantham’s trusted Valet before long.

Kissing and making up: The pair put their differences aside for a cheeky pre-wedding bedroom kiss with their eyes closed



  1. Oh, the benefits of my job. I think I told you how I got to meet Rebecca Eaton (executive producer of Masterpiece), and how, upon hearing that my daughter in college was also a fan of the series but didn’t have access to TV, sent here a DVD of Downton Abbey. Another perk? Masterpiece, upon request, is sending public television stations a copy of the first hour of the first episode to preview in December. We’re going to plan a screening around it. I can’t wait!

    I just adore Maggie Smith. They need to release a book of all her quotes.


    1. Oh my gosh, I so want to come and watch with you!!! Monica. How fantastic.
      Yes, I thought of you when I saw Rebecca Eaton talk about Downton on youtube. Someone told me I could catch snippets of season 3 and the trailer. I was on it as soon as I heard. How I miss the show. I love, love, love Maggie Smith. Did you see Calendar Girls? I am waiting for Best Exotic Marigold Hotel to come out on DVD.


  2. Maggie Smith = brilliance 🙂 I saw the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel not long ago, though parts were funny, it didn’t grab me as I wanted too sadly 😦


    1. I bet the funny bits were with Maggie Smith in the film. I hope I enjoy it. I have been waiting so long to see it. It has such a great cast.


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