Trying to Find Common Ground…

Race 2012: A Conversation About Race & Politics in AmericaAs I officially prepare to post, rather nervously so, for I am mindful that I have never done this before, I wonder how much I actually understand and if I’m even getting my facts straight. As always, I tend to lean toward humor to keep things in perspective. I try not to let the analyzing and over analyzing get to me. With the left-wing and right-wing media circus going at it, releasing videos of two very different speeches, I feel  the weight of responsibility with the words I choose, even though my posts are simply my opinions or experiences. As D-Day or Debate day is exactly 24 hours away, I will be watching Colbert and Jon Stewart to get my daily fix of humor and analysis of things to come.

As an immigrant, mom and woman, I know the issues that call out to me. I have read more disconcerting statements about race, this time around, than I did during the 2008 elections. It is passionate and unforgiving, unbelievably so. Within my group of friends, there is a healthy discussion about disparity and discrimination and how it  affects everyone. Also within our circle we have strong support for our President, as well as a few rather uncertain, somewhat( but not normally) conservative friends. As we  come to the inevitable conclusion that the issue of ‘race,’ seems to be the proverbial ‘elephant in the room,’ we try to find common ground, so we can talk about issues that matter to us.

As far as the debate is concerned we all want to see our personal concerns addressed. Not that they can hear us of course. One very vocal and dear friend said to me, “I don’t agree with anything the President says anymore, I am completely disillusioned, he hasn’t done much for small businesses and he may not get my vote.” Another close friend gives a voice to what many of us in the group are thinking, you simply cannot implement change in four years,  it is humanly  impossible. Another dear friend who volunteers her time for the President’s campaign, tells me, it is volatile out there. Making calls, asking people to vote for Obama is a tough job, people very clearly say to her, ” I will not vote for a black man.” While it is a bit of a shock to the system, it is what is so beautiful about this country. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. So, tell me, how do you find common ground within your circle of friends… Do you agree on most issues or do you agree to disagree and celebrate those differences? Once thing is for certain, if Washington can work together, agree to disagree on some issues and work through  the hurt, it could heal some of those deep wounds and make us the progressive nation we believe we can be, or am I just too hopeful and Californian in my thinking?

Please watch – Race 2012: A Conversation About Race & Politics in America” on PBS October 16th.

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