What Does Freedom Mean to you?

Race 2012: A Conversation About Race & Politics in America The Vice Presidential debate is over, the build up, the hype, the analysis and post analysis, it is all done. In a few days, the Presidential town hall debate will take place. I expect there will be the usual polls, with pundits claiming they know exactly what happened; who was right, who was wrong. I feel- and it is just my feeling- that many have already decided. So, as I await all the madness, I thought of something  my funny and brilliant blogging mate Monica Medina of http://monicastangledweb.com/the-race-2012-blogging-project/  shared with us recently. It was a piece from Race 2012: A Conversation About Race & Politics in America.   It made me think of freedom and what it means to me. As I write-up this post, I thought I would post the question to you, as well…

These days, we are all agog over what is politically correct – a comment, an endorsement, a choice or a direct reference to a politician. From the actress who has publicly endorsed Mitt Romney, to our vice President who was called a buffoon and to our President who is almost always too detached, too cool, too evasive. We use freedom of speech willy nilly, come what may.  I know many came out and called the actress shameless,  disloyal to her race in fact, she is still (sadly) the subject of many death threats. In this beautiful country where freedom of speech, freedom of choice(  er, well,not so great on that issue) and freedom of religion, reigns strong, where is the poor girl’s freedom to say she wants to vote for Mitt Romney? I’m not unhappy with the last four years, you may not be unhappy with the last four years, or you may be miserable about the last four years. if you feel you understand the President’s way of thinking, his vision for slow and steady progress – not instant results, not this business like attitude of we the rich, you the poor – you probably don’t get why anyone would think they need a change. But they do. That is part of freedom. Lest we forget, people out there remind us everyday that, um, the President said he was the candidate for change 4 years ago. Yes, he did. The thing is, you can’t implement change in four years. It is not possible. It takes time to get things done. In this age of instant gratification( it’s like children) the expectation that change should be imminent is appalling. I see change differently, but it is only my opinion. If we think it is okay to call the Vice President a buffoon on live television,well, um, that is also a matter of opinion. We have the freedom to do that. Pardon me however, I disagree. He is not a buffoon, he is a politician with over 30 years of experience. He has dealt with Democrats and Republicans, he says it like it is, albeit with a little too much enthusiasm, but then again, I like his rebelliousness. I’m not going to re-hash the debate here, I watched, I learned, I laughed and I really enjoyed it. Um, I was wondering if the real reason he was called a buffoon by a viewer on CNN, and the subsequent comments that followed about laughing gas, interruptions and eye-rolling etc.was because he was accurate in most of what he said? which then, I suppose, makes it fair game to criticize his behavior. I mean it’s either not enough engaging, or too much engaging, which is it? I don’t know if the awareness exists that we have a freedom many others around the world don’t have, and the likelihood of ever having such freedom is next to impossible. So, does freedom mean you can name call without embarrassment, you can criticize, without fear, talk about race without being attacked, talk about religion without prejudice? What does freedom mean to you?

As you think about this, please be sure to catch the PBS special on Race 2012: A Conversation About Race & Politics in America. This program will air on October 16th 2012 from 8-9 pm ET and will re-air on October 19th from 9-10 pm ET. Please always check local listings.

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  1. I’m going to hit the like button and I’m sending you lots of
    ……………….. but I can’t comment lol…because… I’m not into American Politics… we have to deal with the crappy one’s we have over here! 🙂 & more ………..’s 🙂


    • I love it, thank you 🙂 the dottier the better…
      I did deal with the Aussie lot when I was there, in fact when I first came here, I went down to the embassy to vote at almost every election. We have to – right? finally, I asked if I could be removed and not fined because I now live in SF. They said yes! – thank goodness…


  2. MM, I know the actress you’re talking about. Yes, I agree that she has the right to endorse whoever she chooses. But if she can tweet it out, thanks to our freedom of speech, don’t the naysayers also have a right to be angry and respond? After all, they’re entitled to their freedom of speech, too. Just like that questionable filmmaker who made the low-budget film about Mohammed. Most of us didn’t like what he did, but that was his freedom. The question is, how do you know when you’ve crossed the line, from freedom of speech to inciting a riot, or threatening a life? It’s a double-edged sword having this freedom, but I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. And, that’s my two cents!


    • Oh they do have a right to be angry Monica, and I forgot to mention it actually. I was too caught up with the whole buffoon comment:-) I can’t seem to get away from it, must be because I like Joe Biden, I really do. As for that low budget film on Mohammed, that was just awful. But, here’s the thing, because freedom is so completely taken for granted, anyone can do anything, incite any riot, say any hurtful thing, be racist, if they so desire and get away with it – The value of freedom doesn’t exist. Well, what the Dickens I say, people are downright impolite. Even when John McCain ran 4 years ago, people were not so mean about Barak Obama, as they are now. Suddenly, it’s about the color of his skin.
      I was born in a beautiful country with a lot of freedom. I have not lived there in a long time, it is still stunning, but the current government is almost mafia like and not only are the people missing their freedom to speak, they no longer have the freedom to write anything against the government. When journalists do, they disappear with no accountability. The Democracy and freedom I’ve experienced for much of my life is something I will always treasure, but I wish more would consider the power of that freedom – their words and actions. A lot could change – wow! that was long 🙂


    • Thank you Kathy and thanks so much for stopping by. It means a lot that we are all on this journey together. Isn’t Monica wonderful for getting us all involved in this project?


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