Colin Firth in his boxer shorts in ‘The Gambit’

Dear Colin,

Well er, now that its ( and by that, I mean your boxers and knobby knees, or so they say) been revealed. I have to see this film. I wish I had been at the Savoy with all the other people who saw you without your pants. Um, very glad you wanted to drop them for a lighter role. I don’t suppose you were a little uncomfortable with it being a busy hotel and all. I have not seen the original with Michael Caine, I imagine, it is fabulous. I am sad this new version hasn’t quite impressed the critics, being a Coen brothers film and featuring the supremely talented and witty Alan Rickman and Stanley Tucci. I also think Cameron Diaz is not just a pretty face, she’s quite funny, although her wardrobe leaves little to be desired in this one. I was happy to read in the review, that you are as charming and stoic as ever and while the laughs do come at your expense, you play that role very well. I would also think seeing you without your pants is jolly tempting. Not enough to hold up the entire film, apparently. I think you are so versatile, it doesn’t matter if the film is dull.  Er, I’ll take dull if you’re going to make me laugh in your boxers. And, how does one resist Alan Rickman in his many compromising positions. He’s played the ultra dark/bad/good wizard for so long, the robes were starting to become a little scary, it’s nice to seem him switch it up a little. I do however, want to see Railway Man first. I hope, and it’s a tiny hope, that um, you’ll be nominated again for this remarkable role. Oh by the way, now that Nicole Kidman has admitted to a little crush on you, I don’t see why the rest of us shouldn’t join you for a little tea( I sort of drink hot cocoa, not tea) every now and then. I have many friends who would like to join me. Look at me, going on and on, how very rude. I haven’t even asked you if you celebrate Thanksgiving, do you? or do you have Turkey at Christmas? I don’t much care for Turkey. Frankly, I don’t know why the turkeys have to be killed in the first place. If I were a turkey, I would run, waddle, migrate, to a place that has no awareness of Thanksgiving and live peacefully. I would be sad to lose many of my family members, but I would run. Yes. Far far away.

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So what’s happening with the third installment of Bridget Jones? honestly, is it on, is it off? has Hugh signed on? what is it? I keep reading bits and pieces about the book. I hear Helen Fielding is working on it. Is she doing a script as well? I just wish you would begin filming. You’re all older, wiser, the chemistry a little different, and um, there are lots of themes to explore, really. Sorry, all suggestions, I am becoming a tad impatient. We all want to see it, you know. Well, I’m sure you know and um, I don’t want to tell you what to do, not that you would anyway, I just hope it moves in the right direction. I become a little Bridget Jones/ Love Actually, crazy during the holiday season. I would like to see more. Nothing like hot cocoa, a blanket and you.

With that said, I am off to check on my girls and their two friends who are here for a play date. It is awfully quiet in the other room. I will write later. Lately though, I have not written much. Ah well, when my children need me, that’s all there is to it. Cheers.


  1. Gawd you made me laugh with this…wouldn’t it be grand if he read these posts that you write about him?? Perhaps he should play Christian Grey?? Oops lol Loved this honey good job! 🙂


    1. It would be wishful thinking. What began as a joke has now escalated into these nutter letters I write 🙂
      Say it isn’t so… Christian Grey, oh no no no, aha, but think of the joy it would give us.


  2. I can’t imagine that Colin has knobby knees. He’s too handsome and amazing to be anything less than perfect. I really do hope they make that Bridget Jones sequel. It’s such a fun, romantic story.


    1. Hmmm, you and I will always think he’s perfect Monica. Cameron Diaz had way too much fun, laughing at him with his pants down, and more than that, laughing at his knees. Colin has said, once she laughed uncontrollably at him, that was the end and he lost all dignity 🙂 🙂


  3. tita buds says:

    Omigod, the Nicole Kidman connection and the turkey thing, hahaha! This must be your most hilarious, rambling-est letter to CF. 😀


    1. Oh boy, I can ramble on forever, when I write to Colin. I have so much to say haahaa haa


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