The world according to my little girl

My little-est has boundless energy, twinkles galore and mischief in her eyes. She sings and bounces all day long. She has opinions, good taste( currently planning a Christmas party with themes in black and white or red and green) and um, well, more opinions with a little delegating involved, especially when it comes to me – her happy helpful mummy. The general view with any holiday- and let me tell you it is not a bi-partisan one – is that mummy cooks, she decorates and we have ourselves one jolly party. Most of these thoughts or opinions are generally expressed during quiet times when her older sister is missing and she has me all to herself. One such conversation took place while folding a bit of laundry.

Flicking my hair back, I said, “maybe I need a hair cut, daddy sometimes likes my hair short.” …

My little girl: “well, mummy, men are like that sometimes, they don’t know what they want. You don’t have to cut it, It looks pretty just as it is.”

Me: “Oh thanks darling, that’s lovely of you to say.”

Mlg: “Yes, it is lovely of me isn’t it?” ( not short on confidence, really) “I don’t want to cut my hair for daddy or anyone, can’t I just do what I want?”

Me: “Well, er, not right now. When you are a bit older, perhaps, you can decide what you would like to do with your um, hair..

Mlg: “Oookay, a little bit awkward now, can we talk about something else?”

Me: “Sure, anything else on your mind?”

Mlg: “Hmmm,( very dramatically) let’s see… mummy, you know I love food?” “I just can’t help myself, and you know when we go out and you ask me to be good and not take too many chocolates or cookies,” “it’s a bit unfair because I just love food so much that I want to take more than I’m allowed.”

“I think I’m going to be a chef like G” ( best friend’s dad)

Me: “Well, you know how your tummy makes odd noises when you’ve had too much to eat, that’s not very pleasant is it? sometimes one or two is all we need.”

“Oh I would love you to be a chef, you can cook me some really nice meals and I can take a break from the kitchen.”

( clearly not happy with that one, looks at me as if I’ve lost my marbles)

Mlg: “Why can’t I fly like a fairy, mum?”

Me: “Well, they’re extremely tiny and born out of a baby’s first laugh( I heard it on Tinkerbell, before anyone laughs at me), so maybe there is a fairy out there born out of your first chuckle.” “Perhaps, if you’re really good, you might meet one and she might lend you some pixie dust.”

Mlg: “Oh mummy( shakes her head) you’re a silly, that’s just in the movies..”

Me: “Oh um right, yes, of course.”

Mlg: “Mummy, why do you get excited when you see Colin Firth?” (definitely not expecting that, nor that she would remember his name) “remember we watched him on the red carpet? I liked the pretty dresses everyone wore.” “There was this one dress that was red and one was in white, when can I dress like that?” “They were so sparkly.”

Me: “Well, you know I enjoy Colin Firth’s films, do I really seem excited?( nods head vehemently) um, um, he’s a very good actor.” “Was the red dress your favorite?”( when in doubt, always answer a question with a question)

Mlg: “Why do you sometimes drink wine, mum?” “I thought it was bad for you.” ( N.B. it was a statement, not a question)

Me: “It isn’t very good if you drink too much darling, I enjoy a glass every now and then.”

MLg:  “Eeuuww, it smells very strange…”

MLg: “Why do people burp out loud after they’ve had a really good meal?”

Me: “Perhaps it didn’t agree with them.. or perhaps they enjoyed it a little too much

Mlg: or maybe it’s just gas…

Me: “Hmmm, maybe.”

Mlg: “Mummy, Oliver says there is no Santa Claus, is it true? he says, he spied his parents leaving presents.”

Me: “Oh well,( I was all over this one) you know how Santa doesn’t visit until all children are sound asleep.” “Maybe his parents were just leaving him their own gifts.” To which my husband adds.. Oliver might just be naughty, you know how Santa makes his list? ( we really didn’t need that).

Mlg: “No, no, he said, there was no Santa, seriously, for sure.”

Me: (Trying to move on) shall we make some cookies before Christmas?

Mlg: oh yes! yes please, yummy. I’ll help you…

and that is how we moved on. It was a very interesting chat, I couldn’t help but giggle at a few, although I tried to maintain a fully serious expression. It was after all, important stuff.


  1. Mel that is priceless! Such a conversation from one so young..simply adorable 🙂


    1. Mumsy, if only you could see her. My eldest is kind, compassionate and a bit of a tomboy, my youngest is all spirit. They have the best of us which is lovely to see. She is so on to my Colin Firth obsession, it is too funny. In fact they all think I’m a bit mad 🙂


  2. Irish Katie says:

    omg…that was too funny when she said, “Yes, it is lovely of me isn’t it?”

    I remember those kind of conversations with my daughter…they still happen … but the tone and types of things that come out of her mouth are a bit less cute and innocent now. *big drama sigh*

    And … what did your other half say when Colin Firth was brought up! oh nooo lol.


    1. Katie, you have no idea. We laugh constantly, she has such spirit and no one can do anything to change it. I hope it is always within her.
      My eldest is 9 going 40, um, well, sometimes. Sigh. So wise, compassionate and kind and yet, like you say, I am constantly surprised by her observations and remarks. Not so innocent anymore. How old is yours?
      Colin Firth is the most accepted man around my house. Ha! ha! ha! Everyone is on board. My other half actually records old movies ( I love watching ‘Love Actually and Bridget Jones, on the holidays) he knows I’m a complete nutter – yes, he has read my notes to Colin. He generally shakes his head when he sees me jumping up for joy. Ah Colin.


      1. Irish Katie says:

        Mine is 12…13 on the 24th of Dec…so officially she wil lbe a teenager. Ack!!!!

        She used to say “feck” a lot (she started in on that when she was like 5 I think) … I have no idea where that comes from. *blames her Yank father* lol.

        In my house I am lucky because I can oogle and oh and ahh about anyone and no one is here to give me grief on it hee .. .well .. ok, I have me daughter every other week .. so I sometimes have to act like an adult damn it. But I have been watching this tele show called Leverage…and there is someone on there, Christian Kane …omg … *fans self* lol


  3. MM, you’ve been found out! The gig is up! LOL, I love all her questions. So sweet and sincere and most of all, such a beautiful, natural sense of curiosity. But I love how perceptive she is about your thing for Colin Firth. If she were to meet me, she’d know in two seconds how crazy I am over him. Out of the mouths of babes, eh?


    1. Haaa haaa Monica, my gig is up indeed. This little one is so perceptive. She knows exactly what is going on. My eldest has her nose buried in a book, generally. She and I share quiet times, happy conversations and my youngest keeps us in fits. She has spirit and a sense of adventure. She will observe me and throw in her love of fashion at the same time. Which is what she was doing during the Oscars. She asks the most amazing questions. They( my girls and husband) all think I’m nuts but they’re on board – how cute, right? 🙂 Whenever there is a movie on t.v or an interview or even a clip of Colin anywhere, they will call me.


  4. Mika says:

    Fabulous post MM, loved it and utterly enjoyed it..laughed all the way 🙂


    1. Thank you Mika. I have many more conversations recorded, I should write them down before I forget.


  5. tita buds says:

    Hahaha! I wasn’t expecting that Colin Firth question! He is obviously ‘The Absent Resident’ in your house, the way Iker Casillas is in ours. (Everyone is required to let me know ASAP when there’s a Real Madrid game on tv.) 😀
    I also love how she tried to trap you into agreeing that if she doesn’t want a haircut, she does not have to have a haircut, hehe. Clever girl. 🙂


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