Could Colin Firth be in the(next) Best Exotic Marigold Hotel?

     Photo Courtesy : CBS televison

Dear Colin,

Oh please say it is true, are you are in talks to be in the next installment of Best Exotic Marigold Hotel? same cast( and what a fantastic lot they are) with the addition of Helen Mirren? I will write about it, blog, do practically anything, um,whatever is necessary to promote the film, if it is so. I will shout from the rooftop – um, well, I don’t really climb my rooftop, nor do I care to shout, but you know, for you, I would make an exception. I don’t think you need me to promote this film, but really, it would be my pleasure. I would force, make, encourage or ask everyone( and by that I mean, all the people I know- even if they didn’t watch Best Exotic..) very nicely to go and see it.

You know when they say you are in talks… well um, what does that really mean? tea, sandwiches, manuscripts? I would think at this point you and Helen Mirren would not need to audition or talk very much, you are both reprising your roles as the Queen and her father, King George the VI – er, not together of course, but still, that sort of makes you royalty. You’ve both won the Oscar, sort of an obvious point now, isn’t it? Anyway, when these talks are over, and I’m positive it will be a lovely talk. I sincerely hope you are on board, as they say, for this film, and perhaps a third. I do hear rumors floating around you know. It is certainly an odd film to make into a franchise, but I loved it, I understood the nuances and the culture. Everything about it was simple, but the story was so colorful that I didn’t mind it. It may not have appealed to everyone, but you know, when you’re in it, it will appeal to me, er, what I mean is that it will appeal to the general population.



  1. MM, I didn’t see this film, but now you’re making me wish I had. Do you really think it’s worth seeing? Of course, if Colin was in it, I wouldn’t be asking. 😉


    1. Depends on how you look at it Monica… no great story line, very simple concepts, but great cast, esp. if you love British actors and their humor. A little love story here and there, sometimes slow, yet colorful and fun. If you’re like me, you might just enjoy it. Aha, see, it’s the same with me, if Colin is in it, I will be at the movie theatre in a heartbeat. I am really hoping these talks move along beautifully and they( Helen and Colin:-) – like I really know them) are cast in the next installment.


      1. Oh, okay. Btw, I was thinking about you because this Wednesday night, I’m going to an advance screening of the first episode of Downton Abbey’s new season. I wish you could go with me! Sigh.


      2. Oh I wish I could too. Sigh, double sigh. I can’t wait to hear about it. I have seen some spoilers, couldn’t help myself 🙂 I am counting down the weeks…


  2. tita buds says:

    Time magazine’s review of the movie gave me the impression that it’s sort of a serious downer, but I just checked the trailer and it seems a delightfully fun movie.
    Colin Firth in the sequel would make it a double delight then. 😉


    1. Tita, I don’t know many people that liked the film, I loved it, even though it was about nothing. Oh my gosh, well double gosh… if the talks go well and Colin is in the next one, I shall be ready…


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