Book Review: Night Circus By Erin Morgenstern

My dear friend Mumsy, from has just alerted me to the fact that this post has disappeared. Amid panic( it is one of my favorite books and I loved reviewing it) I managed to re-publish it. I apologize if some of you receive the post a second time.

It dazzles every visitor, it strikes the eye with sharp, crisp, black and white tents,  it invades ones being with delectable smells of sweet caramel and popcorn. The gorgeous illusionist is a huge part of its story and her living carousel can only be described as a creation of talent beyond genius, but is her talent enough? What lies within is its mystery. It appears at night, It is simply there, it is unannounced. Only those who follow it, (rêveurs) are aware of its presence immediately. It is Le Cirque des Rêves.

Erin Morgenstern’s début novel about Le Cirque des Rêves is  a stunning, astounding and intricate piece of work. The book is every reader’s dream. I was hooked immediately, it was the first time I had read anything about a circus since my childhood, when I read Enid Blyton- who first opened my eyes to the wonders of living within a circus. I wanted to see Morgenstern’s circus, buy my ticket, stand in line, late at night. I wanted to be a rêveur. I even have my red scarf and  black jacket, I just wanted to be there.  She writes magically. It is almost as if her fingers and mind are in such sync that she conjures breathtaking images as fast as the shutter speed of a professional camera ; utterly dark one minute and utterly bright, glistening like snow. Each tent holds unimaginable magic, from clouds that puff like balls of cotton, floating around the sky to a tent with bottles of essence; you smell everything, it brings back memories and things that are comfortingly familiar. It introduces us to the Bailey – a boy who is searching for something, twins that are wise beyond their age and kittens that are pretty, yet mystical. I literally felt the book come to life as I read. It took me to this place, a field, an open space, with black and white tents  and a clock. Oh that glorious clock, every intricate detail, every chime depicts the circus so beautifully, made by Herr Thiessen, rêveur of all rêveurs. His character alone, made me love the book that much more.

It is the story of Marco and Celia. Raised by cruel, sadistic guardians, to battle each other, they grow up refining their skills, becoming talented illusionists. Celia’s living Carousel, as I mentioned before, breathes so much life into the book that every detail invades your pores. Marco’s ice garden, as bright as Winter white, is beautifully crafted, it is his answer to the living carousel, as they duel to outdo each other. Then, they fall in love. It is a love that surpasses the need to duel. They have been preparing to out-create each other since they were very young. Yet much to the chagrin of their guardians, love brings them together instead of throwing them apart. It pulses between the words and beneath the pages. It is all-encompassing. Along with it, the entire cast of characters travel their journey. Who wins, who loses, what sacrifices are there? it is the most beautiful story. You fall in love with the characters, the era and the color. It is sumptuously written. Thank you, Erin Morgenstern, for giving me a book that was a feast for the senses and a delight to read.


  1. and you my darling write magically in describing this book.
    Do you critique books as a job? Did I miss something?
    The way you described this, I felt like I was reading the book itself.
    Truly great & descriptive and I can see you in your black jacket and red scarf.
    Wonderfully written xxx


    1. Oh my gosh Mumsy, It is my dream job to be a book critique. I get to be at home with my girls and work at the same time. To be paid to do something I love would be marvelous. I am hoping someone will pay me to do so. I am on the way there, however. A new up and coming author has just contacted me from Hong Kong and sent me his first novel. I will be reviewing that.
      Thank you so much for what you’ve said – feeling warm and fuzzy. Lots of hugggs.
      You know I feel every book I read, for better or worse, helps me write about it.


  2. Hi MM! I’ve been out of commission this week with only fleeting moments on my computer. I read this review on my phone, when it first posted, but never got a chance to visit your site to add my two cents until now. Anyway, you make it sound fascinating. So much so, that I almost bought it, but then realized I’m so behind with the books I have, that it wouldn’t be prudent. Anyway, I plan to one of these days! Thanks for the tip!


    1. Monica, you won’t regret this book. I wasn’t so sure at first but it is just brilliantly done, so quirky, yet so fantastic and you feel every word. The magic vibrates.. um well, that’s how I felt 😉
      I love writing about books, now only if someone would pay me to do it. Although I have to say, I did get an e-book from a new author to review. It brings me so much joy to write about new books and books in general.


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