Author Jane Odiwe Surprised Me

Jane Odiwe with Portrait

I had to post today because I’m excited. Well, I am counting down to Downton Abbey in approximately five hours, West Coast time and the expectations are extremely high. However, I am even more thrilled to share with you that the author of Searching For Captain Wentworth, Lydia Bennet’s story, Willoughby’s Return and Mr Darcy’s Secret, Jane Odiwe dropped me a little line to say thank you for my review. It was a simple write-up, I never expected to hear from the author herself. I am so honored. I wish I had written more in detail or provided photos of that symbolic white gate ( a magical portal in the book) in Sydney Gardens that transported Sophie, the heroine in the story back into the Regency era. Oh, there’s so much I wish I had included.  I’m just grateful Jane took the time to peek in at my little blog and say something nice about my review – Thank you Jane!


6 thoughts on “Author Jane Odiwe Surprised Me

    • I really couldn’t stop beaming Monica, you’re right. Thank you. Um, It’s such a lovely feeling when an author writes to you and says thanks. I couldn’t get over it…:-)


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