Putting politics aside – today we celebrate our President’s Inauguration

As I watched Sasha and Malia walk down the steps today, two beautiful girls, first daughters in their purple and lavender coats, I had a tear in my eye. What might be going through their minds, their father, our  President sworn in. I saw smiles everywhere, introductions, former Presidents Carter and Clinton, James Taylor, Beyonce and Jay Z, Kelly Clarkson among Democrats and Republicans.  Over a million citizens come to watch – smiling, listening, swaying to the band, shaking hands in true American spirit. People of different nationalities, all there to celebrate one event on this holiday, which is significant, because it celebrates the life of Martin Luther King. A perfect day, then, for the inauguration. We heard a speech that will hopefully unite us as our President talked about shared values,  equality, a war that is ten years old, now drawing to an end, climate change, even referencing Abraham’s Lincoln’s second Inaugural, bringing the past to the present. Bringing people of all lifestyles together, saying it doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight, “we stand together today, with endless possibilities.” I hope with this speech, as we move into the next four years of this President’s term, we strive to stop bickering and come together to solve problems that protect our tiniest citizens, create equal pay for women, celebrate our Modern Families, bring the discussion of gun violence to the table and once and for all bridge the gap of racial discrimination. Let us celebrate all backgrounds in our country without division and with hope for the future.


4 thoughts on “Putting politics aside – today we celebrate our President’s Inauguration

  1. Here here! Amen and all that. I watched and absolutely loved it. The First Family looked so beautiful in their coordinated outfits. And the President’s speech was so promising and hopeful. I just wish I could’ve been there.


  2. Very well written, you are so proud (which you should be) let’s hope the war does end, so no more troops die, let’s hope equality is brought to the front of the room and not hidden at the back. I only wish our ‘Prime Minister’ had strength and courage…like Obama…but she’s a half-wit and until our next election have to put up with her 😦 Well done YOU! xxx


    • Thank you lovely. Obama is so smart and intelligent, sadly other than for liberals and conservative liberals, no one looks at it that way. He gave such a great speech, perhaps not the best but it was filled with hope for the future and for our children. Not that this will last, the next elections will surely bring back the conservatives and undo all the good work he has done. I remember when Paul Keating was Prime Minister and they had this whole thing about Mabo going on… I don’t remember what he did eventually but I remember the criticism he got. You make me giggle silly when you called the Prime Minister a half wit… Haaaaaaa haaaaa 🙂


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