Catching up with Colin Firth

Dear Colin,

Happy New Year! um, it is a bit late in the day, but you know, the New Year should continue well into the year. Actually, I would prefer it to continue all the way into my birthday, which is in October. Not that you would send me a card, but if you would like to, I would not be opposed to it. So, since I last wrote, we’ve had you and Livia in Dubai raising money for Oxfam and Dubai cares, oh the ladies looked fantastic in all their dresses. I though Frieida Pinto was stunning in her vintage dress and was touched she auctioned it off as well. From reading Livia’s blog( yes I do read her blog regularly and love that she has all these celebrities stepping out for the GCC) I was amazed at how much the Green Carpet Challenge helped raise. Um, well, having you there must have been a bonus. You know what surprised me the most about you? and you can tell me if this is true or not… probably not, but I will ask anyway, do you sew?… I read, and yes, I do know that everything I read, is um, not true, but this makes sense because of what you both do for charity and up-cycling. I read that Livia and you like to mend clothing and you recycle clothes from friends which are passed down to your sons – What an incredible lesson you are teaching your children. My mum sewed a lot of my dresses and they were beautiful creations. I loved going to fabric shops and seeing her cut cloth into these fashion forward designs. Quite a few of my friends had glamorous outfits from some very posh places, and on occasion I wished for store-bought clothing too. Looking back, however, I think I was lucky to have a mum who thought of everything. Sadly, I cannot sew, so I buy.

Now, I have to warn you, I am going to be dedicating a few posts to Pride and Prejudice, it is 200 years since it was published and we must celebrate. Yes? But, I will not deprive those who would like a few photos of you, yes, yes, rather painful I know. Please bear with me… I will post some photos of you, in your um, wet shirt and in other regency era clothing. You know I will forever think of you as a regency gentleman( it is almost as though you would have fitted right in) I suspect many think that way. I’m sure it is mortifying. Nevertheless, you shall once again be Darcy – just for a little while, to remind us of Pride and Prejudice, for you are the epitome of this wonderfully written character. It will also serve as a reminder on how brilliant Jane was in capturing society at its best and its worst, giving us a sharp and witty novel, that is as relevant to modern day society as it was to 19th century England.



  1. Irish Katie says:

    Do you think it would be so very wrong if I photo-shopped my face into one of those above…and passed it around to people? I mean, it’s not like I’d claim Colin was my bf or anything. (I’d just let them assume.)


    1. I’d love to see you do it Katie… *Laughing hard* it would be fun to let people assume. Ooooh you’ve got to send me one. These letters I write… I am so delusional… I think he might actually read them and have a good laugh because he has such a great sense of humor. Ahhhh one can only hope 🙂


  2. Another great piece on our Colin, MM. Thanks to you, I’m always learning new things about him, and sewing of all things. Had no idea, too, about the 200 year anniversary of P&P. Looking forward to your series!


    1. I know Monica, can you see him sewing, well, I can, or rather I’ve been trying to. My husband can sew, so I shouldn’t be surprised 🙂 but it’s adorable. Apparently they relax with a basket of mending as their sons sit with them and talk about their day in their pajamas – or so I read 😉 celebrating Pride and Prejudice today…


  3. You brighten my day, with your love and admiration for Mr. Firth. How much you love him from afar and you are simply delightful gorgeous girl 🙂 xxxx


    1. You are just as gorgeous my lovely. Ahhh Colin, well, I’ve added his wife too, she is so down to-earth, it’s impossible to not like her and like what she does for charity and fashion- sustainable fashion at that. They are such a gorgeous couple. A little bit of Colin a day, keeps the doctor away … 🙂


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