It’s been a couple of days now and I have been thinking about this a lot… wait!  the world is Not about to end – that was December 21st I believe. We’re done with elections and the inauguration is over. It’s not about the fiscal cliff either, although there are a few things I would like to say about it. No, this is about the Super Bowl – that majestic weekend every year, driving ordinary humans to do strange things – color their faces, put on their woolies, um hats, blankets, host parties, shout extremely un-gentlemanly like at their TVs, brandishing their beer bottles, eating unhealthy but completely football friendly food and well, um, ogling at the inappropriate commercials… yes! those commercials.

Now, I’m not prissy, prudish or silly, well, maybe just a tad, to some. I just wonder if marketing people and their people consider the audience when they pay lots of lovely money to air these commercials. Hmm, let’s take for example one – did we need to see an extremely beautiful Bar Rafaeli, Leo Di Caprio’s ex, snogging the stereotypical geek, making horrid, inappropriate sounds, so loud that a certain seven-year old doing, well, what seven-year olds do with dolls and dress up, ask if they were ahem, kissing? Too late to turn off the TV. Is it necessary for um, the advertising executives behind a certain model of car to pose the question: where do babies come from? and while the dad tries awkwardly to explain, should they go one step further and put words in the mouth of a young child, which then makes other children say… wait! what? Now, if you ask why my children are watching these things, let me just say, it was the Super Bowl! they do not normally watch much TV. I don’t like commercials for kids either. They watch movies in general. These ghastly commercials were difficult to avoid when er, lovely husband must watch the football and since this time, our home team the San Francisco Forty Niners were playing, we had to watch, of course. I just think commercials that are inappropriate should not be aired  because many families watch together. Money is everything however, and that’s the language everyone seems to understand these days.

I definitely had my favorite commercials… there were many and I always wait for them. That is the best part of the Super Bowl, really. I adored the Budweiser Clydesdales : Brotherhood commercial, I loved Amy Poehler’s pesky customer routine at Best Buy and Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan trying to sell their talent. They were funny. Controversy is good. But, my dear people, children are watching. Do something about it. I will never forget Betty White in the Snickers commercial, we still talk about it. That’s the way to go. Well, what do I know, this is not going to change anything. I’m sure many of you have differing opinions. What do you think or not think – less of the inappropriate happenings and more of the funny? or chase the children out of the room, while predicting which commercial is about to air?


  1. tita buds says:

    That Bud commercial brought a tear to my eye and Amy Poehler made me giggle. Both ads also elicited a momentary sense of ‘goodwill’ towards Anheuser-Busch and Best Buy, hahaha, which I’m sure both ads were going for. That would make them effective/great commercials.

    The other commercials which have garnered a lot of complaints about how inappropriate they were — they make me wonder what the ad-makers were able to achieve in the end. Did they manage to focus attention on the company and its products or was the attention on the commercial itself (and how uncomfortable it made people feel)? If it’s the latter, we can comfort ourselves with the thought that those companies just wasted millions of dollars so that thousands of us who make purchasing decisions in our house will feel nothing less than disdain for them, hahaha.


    1. I couldn’t agree more Tita, I think many of the inappropriate commercials were a waste for the very reasons you mentioned. An utter waste of money, because at the end of the day, what are people saying about it? that one particular commercial was voted the worst in Super Bowl commercials, so you can only imagine. I love Amy Poehler, she and Tina Fey are two very funny women. Did you watch them at the Globes?


  2. Irish Katie says:

    Hmmm … I did not watch the superbowl (ack…not a sports fan….unless perhaps Mr. Bates and Matthew Crawley are playing a spot of football …err…soccer lol)

    But to get to your point regarding the appropriateness of commercials … I remember when they were annoying, but kept in tune with the prime time restraint. Unfortunately as you say … $$ is king in the world of advertising … and the world appears to be changing.


    1. Er, Katie, If Matthew was doing anything along with any one of them, well, except Carson and Lord Grantham – I just like them on a different level – I would be glued to the tv. Um, just put Colin Firth along with them, perhaps in cricket whites and I won’t move at all.
      No, can’t say I like the football, I like the excitement of seeing how the halftime show will go, but I am usually reading, cooking, doing laundry or something else.
      No more restraint when it comes to commercials, I wish they would think about it. I will take annoying over the inappropriate any time. Oh and by the way did you hear they cannot wear risque clothing at the Grammys’ on Sunday


      1. Irish Katie says:

        LOL….at first I was going to say Colin Firth *giggles* … but I didn’t want you to start drooling madly lol. Though, if one has to drool…mmmmm *grins*


      2. Mmmm indeed ( smiling and grinning – is that possible)


  3. well….since we live in Greece and there is NO superbowl frenzy (shocker) I can’t really relate but you are right, if it is such a big thing and most families are watching they should have more appropriate commercials, a bit on the funnier side I guess…


    1. Oh Tatu, I’m so happy you don’t have to watch the craze here. I think our society takes it to another level, this whole commercial thing. They like to stir up controversy and get people talking but really, what are they looking to sell.. nothing. I like funny and regular stuff although my girls don’t watch much TV, they are in and out of the room, they will definitely have a peek at what is showing…


  4. Oh my god my whole face tingled watching that Clydesdale ad!!!! I watched it 3 times!. I ride horses, it was so beautiful! It reminds me of War Horse and National Velvet and every horse movie I have seen. I’m sorry to say I care not for the Superbowl… sad I know, but I loved this for being able to watch that add – god I loved it!!!! xxxx 🙂 Thank you Shamz.


    1. I loved War Horse – I cried – and National Velvet – my youngest wants her own horse, um, not happening but I would love to have one 🙂
      I don’t like these sporting events, (esp. football) at all Mumsy. I like to see how much money they pay for commercials and which ones are good, oh and depending on the artist, I like to watch the halftime show. If not, I’m doing laundry, cooking.. er well, u know the rest


  5. commercials are a peeve. There are some that are cute and you say awww. the next time it airs, you go.. oh look this is cute.. the next time.. oh look there is that commercial… the next time you mute it.. then the next time something is thrown at the television.. perhaps a room mate.. Then the next time the channel is changed… and I point out this all happens in a 15 minute period sometimes.

    groans. some are just overplayed.

    some are terrible, really really bad, the product is not featured at all, and you really wonder if the people that approved it are on drugs.. because nothing else can explain how that could be aired.. I mean they spend a lot of money to air them, why not make something that sells the product… or better still, doesn’t offend.

    oh and airing it twice, back to back… it doesn’t make me want to buy the product.. more to avoid it.

    omg, my first comment on your blog turned into a rant 😉


    1. Amber, haaaa I love a good rant. I couldn’t agree with you more. Why not show us a product we couldn’t live without, sell it using funny people i.e. Amy Poehler or even Tina Fey-My new favorites together – and see how successful the campaign is. Not. It seems. They love controversy. What a waste of money. When I hear how much they spent on many of these commercials I wonder how they justify any of it. I mean who will visit I know I won’t. 🙂 I love the Budweiser commercials though. I don’t drink beer but the Clydesdales are gorgeous.


  6. lol, up.. can’t live without.. the Budweiser products… 😉

    They are very well done, a product reinforcement advertising, You don’t want to go buy beer when you see one, but when you see their product in the store you have a favorable impression of it. I think Budweiser has a good marketing dept.

    They are not overplayed, and are tasteful.

    Commercials with “wardrobe malfunctions” or that are offensive or rude have the opposite effect. Ones that are overplayed are just as bad. Airing the same add twice during each commercial segment is just so offensive.

    It makes you wonder, they cost so much to air, who says that is a good commercial? Someone must. Do they honestly believe that some of those commercials are good? or maybe they have incentives to do so… avoids saying the bribe word… lol.. or perhaps they are just dense.

    What they need to realize is that there are products that we will not buy, because a commercial irritated us. That can’t be the result that they are trying for.

    That horse is like a puppy dog. 🙂


    1. Oh Amber I agree, that horse in the bud ad is totally like an Old English sheepdog, so adorable. None of the budweiser commercials are overplayed, you’re right. I don’t drink beer but I want to buy some just to keep in the house when I see the commercial… so weird right? it makes me feel so warm, just a feel good sort of commercial that I wish they would make more.
      I didn’t know the ads have been going on for years.. I swear I have not been under a rock – grinning- but I’ve never seen them, thank goodness. Clearly I missed nothing. Eeeuwww. I don’t know if they want to irritate the consumer so much so that we will actually check out the website, because like you, I am offended and I don’t want to go anywhere near their website, let alone check it out.


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