Vegan Cookie Bliss

Before I rave about this blissful foodie experience, let me tell you what has led me to it. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS – a  mild version of it. PCOS is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and it is fairly common among women, especially younger women. Um, I’m not that young – well, that’s an ongoing debate I have with myself regularly- and I’m facing an interesting choice at the moment. I have been doing a lot of research about alleviating symptoms naturally, as opposed to taking medication. I read many articles that support the idea of following a gluten-free diet, which can help with the onset of symptoms. I’ve posted before that we are a gluten-free household, well, for the most part. I have a daughter who is allergic to many foods, with wheat/gluten being her most severe allergy. As a result, we all try to eat gluten-free as much as possible. I also try to eat dairy free, as recent research has revealed that dairy can exacerbate and cause many illnesses. My dilemma is that I love cheese, I think I might do a post on cheese, no, really, I adore cheese. I have been trying a drunken goat cheese from Spain soaked in Madeira wine and er, well, it is delicious. I like to think goat’s cheese is better than dairy. I could go on and on… As for not drinking milk, I find rice and oat milk are better with chocolate – if I could survive on it, I would. It may not be the milk of choice for everyone, though um, if you give it a try, I guarantee it is quite good.

I am always on the hunt for gluten-free food and there aren’t many restaurants/ cafés that promote a whole gluten-free menu, where I live. When my friend mentioned we should try Lydia’s Sunflower café in Petaluma, Northern California, lets just say, we both er, felt a certain compulsion to eat there. Tucked away, inconspicuously, in a corner of an office building, you’d never know it was even there. The menu is fantastic, a foodie haven, where everything is raw – um, no not as in raw eggs etc. it’s vegan, but they use pure raw ingredients. I had the most delicious, giant, decadent flourless chocolate chip cookie, made of grated zucchini, and a couple of other mysterious and sumptuous ingredients – yuck! you say. Not so. You do not taste the zucchini. I am still trying to decipher.. not that it’s a secret code or anything like that, but I literally broke the cookie into bits, to see what I could find. I think there were some grated carrots too. All I tasted was this incredible chocolate and vanilla flavor. I also had a hot chocolate with coconut milk – it was smooth, with a touch of nutmeg and cinnamon or some other spice. It wasn’t overwhelming, it was just right. I hope you enjoy the photos. I am going to break down the recipe as soon as I can, when I do, I will definitely share.


 Chocolate chip cookies



  1. I drink at least a litre of milk a day…I have very strong nails 😉 drunken cheese…hmmm that is an interesting one….slurp…hic..:-)


    1. Oooooh you must have lovely nails Mumsy. Um, doesn’t the cheese sound delicious? sadly, it is only the rind that is soaked in the wine, if not, I would have a couple of blocks a week … Slurping along… Meanwhile, wine will have to do 😉


  2. Irish Katie says:

    ohh….the cookie looks soooo yum. Then again …. I am a dessertaholic sometimes *smiles*

    Ok…on milk…I am not sure about whether it has gluten or not…but do almonds have gluten? I have tried almond milk…its okay…but some seem to like it. The next time I am at the market I will look at the ingrediants to check.

    As for vegan….I am not vegan … i am not vegetarian … well…almost. But … a lot of vegan foods are YUM!. We have a lot of vegan restaurants in the area here. Well, not so much in Vanc Washington….but across the river in Portland, Oregon there are lots and lots. And oh lord there is a whole host of foodstuff to try … and the flavors are INCREDIBLE sometimes.


    1. Me too, Katie. Almonds have no gluten as far as I know. I just eat them raw. I tried almond milk and nearly threw up, I thought it would be delicious, like almonds, but er, no, it was just yuck. That sounds quite baaaad doesn’t it. I think a lot of people like almond milk, I just can’t have it *grinning madly*
      Nope, I’m not vegan either, I eat fish, mostly. But I try to vegan a couple of times a week and if I’m not, at least dairy free. I don’t think I can be a full time vegan… it is soooon hard. sigh. I will get there someday. I love cheese too much,. feta, brie, but i try goat’s cheese and sheep’s milk, which is creamier than dairy. 🙂
      I hear Portland is amazing for food but where you are sounds fantastic. I think vegan flavors are amazing, just because they have to avoid dairy to come up with great tasting food.


      1. Irish Katie says:

        Ok ok….*phew on the almond milk*….I was trying to be on the fence…but admits, I do not have a taste for it either lol. (Though I do like non fat milk…which I know a lot don’t like either.)

        Vegan food. I really like what I have had…what is hard for me though…is the philosphy behind it. Don’t get me wrong, I am an animal lover for sure … but hard core vegans done even want to cook in pans and such that has animal products cooked in it…even if tis washed. (Please…if you are a vegan and I have this totally wrong, please feel free to correct me…I don’t want to keep thinking the wrong thing if I am!)

        But …omg again ….vegan food does pretty much rock in taste nod nods.

        Fish ….since moving to the USA Pacific NW…I have become a salmon lover nod nods.

        By the way … I have been seeing lots of articles about Dan on leaving Downton … he does seem a nice feller…damnit…why does he have to be so young. And unreachabe lol.


      2. OmG!!! I have family members who are both vegan and vegetarians, some are greatly offended when the pan is washed after cooking meat in it and want separate everything… pots and pans included.Initially, I felt so bad. I don’t know if it stems from the ugh! ‘animal smell’ school of thought or if it is that they are just put off. I usually( being very used to it now) use a separate pan. Some don’t mind the washing up, as long as there is no other smell, they will take it. I’m not a vegan but I am a pescatarian, I eat fish without the dairy. I cook for my husband and kids and then wash the pan and cook for myself separately if they’re eating chicken. I think it depends on how fussy the person is. Some are dies-hards, making it v. difficult for their host/hostess 🙂 I know a few of them too.
        Vegan food does rock!!!! so tasty. Still, I want cheese… I love Feta but can live without the other cheeses if I have to. Then again who wants to live without it for too long? yummy!

        I love salmon too, we eat a lot of it, both Alaskan wild and Pacific NW. I just got some recently from Trader Joes and grilled it for dinner with a little touch of balsamic, salt, pepper and Olive oil – dee-licious.

        I’m still watching bits and pieces of my favorite Downton episodes. So sad when I see Dan. The thing is, I really like him too and I think he wanted to work on his craft rather than stay in a series forever and ever, without a challenge. It is easier to stay with stability, so it took courage for him to walk away, I guess. I admire that about a lot of the British actors. They don’t mind being anonymous do they? do you think this to be true?


      3. Irish Katie says:

        Okay….your salmon meal sounds like it would be sooooooo yummers. Plain….but not plain. Just enough to let some of the olive oil and seasoning come out, but not masking the taste of the salmon nom nom.

        As for the Brits not carring whether they become big starts….I am not sure. I think perhaps they are more used to the idea that if they wish to be a mega star they have to head for the States and Hollywood? Of course tis not true … but I think that is the perception, so it might be easier for the actors and actresses there to concentrate on their craft instead of a livlihood? Of course I am only speculating.

        What are you watching at the moment when not glomming onto Downton reruns?


      4. I love using just a tiny bit of balsamic, Katie, really yummy that way, also allowing the salmon to brown on both sides makes it crispy… A little is fine. You can tell I try different things with the salmon because my girls who imagine they have a chef at home would like me to vary the flavors – ahem! *grins*
        I tried gluten free breadcrumbs, Dijon mustard with white wine and a little mayo. It was deeelicious. They disliked it… Pffftttt. They are have been home for Spring Break so it has been a world wind of cooking and baking …

        Hmmmm, you are probably right about the Brits. I know the Aussie actors do the same thing, although being on stage in the UK is a pretty big deal. Omg! Before I forget, Dan Stevens is not even in the UK, he is here on Broadway. He has dark hair now too..:-) They do enjoy honing their craft though, I mean look at my lovely Colin Firth, after that Oscar, the roles kept coming. Do you like how I laid claim to him just like that?

        I am still watching Once upon a Time and the Good Wife. Kind of watch Smash.. Do you watch it?
        I have been meaning to catch a few Miss Marple episodes and Sherlock Holmes… Need to do that. What are you watching?


      5. Irish Katie says:

        Well, if they did not like it then that cannot be helped. I would say though….push them out the door and invite ME. lol I will eat some. I will eat their share. And take their dessert too nod nods. *grins* I am watching Once Upon A Time as well. I like that one. And I try to catch Sherlock Holmes when I can (the one with Jeremy Brett, not the one on the main stations).

        But I also like to watch Doc Martin … about a doctor in a quaint little English town. Reminds me of Ballykissangel in a way. Oh, I just started watching Dancing With the Stars as well. Jaysus…sounds like I plop me arse in front of the tele all night! Ack!

        Ohh wait….your Colin is whispering in my ear something about that oscar. Oh. oh. Ohhhhh. *giggles*


      6. Oh my gosh!!! You’ve got to come over… I’ll make you a nice dinner anytime. Oh, oh, wait!!! Did Colin just tell you I haven’t written to him in a while, or did he whisper other things… What What Did he say to you? I plan on writing soon. I am also watching Pride and Prejudice again… They are showing it on Ovation tv. Do you have that station? I, after having seen it a million times, didn’t realize just how good he looked while fencing in that white shirt, oh the white shirt – so many uses for one white shirt don’t you think?

        Dancing with the stars is my guilty pleasure. Although I love the Voice too. I am sad Max is not on this season. I like watching Derek dance, don’t you? he has such vision and talent. I don’t always get to watch it, but love watching it when I can.


  3. OMG, MM! That cookie looks divine. But why didn’t you tell the owner of the cafe that you’re a blogger and would love to blog about them (which you did) and share the recipe? All this free publicity is certainly worth something! 😉


    1. Monica, oh my gosh, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it. I took the photos and then my friend and I were chatting away about how good the cookie was, wondering how they made it etc. but never thought to ask for the recipe or to tell them I’m a blogger. For that alone, I must visit again 🙂
      It really was delicious.


  4. differentbeautifully says:

    wish we had a cafe like that around here:( I was basically vegan until I started full vegan a few days ago (I had cut out everything but eggs and dairy. Now I drink almond milk and use egg replacers). Have you tried So Delicious Ice cream? I wasn’t feeling well and needed some ice cream so lowes foods had some ($5.25 for one pint=2cups). It uses coconut milk and cream with agave syrup and vanilla bean flecks. really natural and so good. Hope you figure out a recipe for that cookie:)


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