Lavender Almond Dark Chocolate

Here I am, many weeks have passed and I have not been fed creatively.  No time, no books, no reviews, not even a note to my favorite person – er, well, one of my favorite people. He must wonder where I am. I’ve tried to play catch up, and sadly, I have not…um, caught up, that is. In spite of a lack of time and energy, I decided I needed to feed myself creatively in other ways.  So, I have a confession to make, er, well, no, not that sort of confession. It is to do with food, it’s vegan and remarkably good for you. I’ve always been a wee bit obsessed with lavender. Oh all right then, quite a bit obsessed, really. I’ve been intimidated, scared, a nervous nelly of the sacred purple bloom. Yes, the one that is as ancient as Rome. I’ve used it as an oil, as a lotion and even in my closet to chase away those pesky moths. However, I’ve never cooked with it. Today, I made dark chocolate with lavender and almonds and it is absolutely divine. A perfect marriage.

Um, so if you don’t know me, or haven’t read my strange posts on chocolate, let me tell you now that I am rather inclined to over- indulge in it.. it is a life long love affair, er, and I do moan a little when it is smooth, well – made, melt in your mouth good.  While my favorite brand ‘Theo’ keeps me happy, if they should ever go out of business, I would be devastated sad. I would probably sit around making mopey faces all day. However, thanks to notquiteNigella( her photos are gorgeous) I decided to experiment with this recipe by adding in a little twist of lavender( please check it out). It gave the chocolate a quality of ambrosia. Even the gods of Olympus would applaud. I’m not saying they exist, like those M&M creatures… pssst! just between us though, I think they do.

Here’s what you will need:

What you see here is raw cacao. The Peruvian/Venezuelan variety is very good. Carefully watch it over a double boiler, stirring without allowing it to boil over.

melting the butter

Cacao butter melted2

Once it is stirred into a smooth buttery concoction, this is what it will look like

before it sets

This is a mixture of raw melted cacao butter, cocoa powder and honey( has to be refrigerated, once set – learned by trying) confectioner’s sugar( recommended by or maple/agave mix.

final product

Be sure to add almonds( not required) and lavender before allowing it to settle in your refrigerator.

In my next attempt, I will try to re-create Theo’s orange dark chocolate. All you need is a bit of orange oil. This was really easy to make and you control the sugar.



  1. I think making this was a good way of getting your sugar/energy intake 🙂 Welcome back in lovely. That does look delicious, but I’m a little diet kick to lose 2kgs 😦 pfft hate it, as I do LOVE my chocolate but I have to be firm, though it does sound yummy with the lavender and of course DARK chocolate! I have to leave the page now or I shall be tempted to raid the cupboards. 🙂 Good to see you back my sweetness. xxx


    1. Hello sweetheart, lovely to be back, er, well, somewhat. It is really delicious and just a small bite is enough to satisfy my craving…if not , I’m like a dog with a bone. If I use honey or agave, it makes it even healthier, so the next batch might taste a little different. This is not sweet but bitter. Ooooh quick let me send you some so you don’t have to raid the cupboards… you didn’t did you?
      Thank you for such a warm welcome. xoxo 🙂


  2. MM, I love lavender, but I haven’t cooked with it either. This looks so good, but I doubt I’d get it right. I’d be afraid of cooking the cacao too much or something. All the same, I love the idea of it. Chocolate and lavender. If you ask me, that has the makings of a poem. I love your photos, btw.


    1. Thank you Monica, so glad you liked my photos, I am finally learning to show the best aspects of the food when I take pictures, it is so much fun, much more to learn though. I love this pairing between lavender and chocolate, it has always remained elusive to me. This post is my way of crawling back into the world of blogging… I have missed writing 🙂


  3. WOW!!! that looks awesome!! I don’t think I would be able to find raw cacao here though…
    Can I have a bite please?


    1. Anytime Tatu, wish you could pop over and our kids could play while we chat too. I wonder if they have something similar there… The chocolate was really good when I had it.


      1. yes, I remember you told me. Oh, how I wish we lived closer. We would have sooooo much fun!


      2. Me too, me too. It would be wonderful.


      3. Irish Katie says:

        As you offer Tatu her chocolate…

        *whizzes by and steals it*

        Hahahahaha….mine, mine, mine. Alllll minnneeeeeeeeeee.


      4. My precious!!, mineeee, my precious… Talked to Gollum yesterday, he would like you to stop stealing chocolate and also return his ring *grinning evilly, swinging the plate of chocolate away from you*


  4. Irish Katie says:

    This is such a lovely blog *smiles* …I like the photos. And tis nice to think that we could share the chocolates yes?

    Because sharing is what it is all about. Nod nods. Nods innocently.


    1. Awww, your share is sitting in my refrigerator as I write… Want some now? Looking to share while popping a piece and moaning ever so slightly at how silky and smooth the texture is…


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