A Change is coming…

The winds of change make me cringe. I can smell it a mile away. It is like a sniff of air that is about to explode with hail, rain and storm.

I do not like change. Allow me to clarify, I don’t like negative change.

No, absolutely not. Unless we are moving to Tuscany, to a farmhouse, where I will tend to my garden, reading and writing to my heart’s content. I am feeling very clever and positive about that particular change.

Wait! that was just last night’s dream.

Um, I’m checking, I still don’t like change.


I’m looking at the upside, the positive, the value, a change towards education. A change that I may not necessarily want, yet, that which might be best.

I’ve even made a spreadsheet or two. I know a certain someone would be very proud. I don’t like spreadsheets in general, I like them a little now, they keep me organized. Not that I wasn’t before, er, well, that certain someone will know what I mean.

I have drunk too much coffee, to which I am allergic – yes! it’s bad. The body fell apart last weekend, headaches, stress, knee pain from yoga and running, everything was exacerbated from not being present. I stopped and made myself a batch of chocolate instead. The jar is right here. Really good for me. My brain has analyzed all scenarios – so far, I have not come up with anything good. I would like to move on, but an imminent decision weighs heavily.

I do however want to make a positive change… tell me what you think. Many of my dear blog friends, especially Mumsy/Jen (who has encouraged me from the beginning) of http://ramblingsfromamum.wordpress.com and my dear friend Sanjee (book lover and reader), from http://skbsbooknook.wordpress.com  think it is a marvelous idea to move my book reviews to a new site on WordPress, dedicated simply to reviews and all things bookish. They are lovely. I am considering it.

I don’t know if you will all follow, but most of you know, that I love books with a passion, I feel them, I see the characters, I journey with them and some even stay with me as guests, for a day or two, long after the story has ended.

I have played around with words for a new blog name – I love doing that.

Some of them have included taking the Latin words ‘Helluo Librorum’ – Literally a glutton of books… I realize  it makes me sounds very greedy, like I belong in a trough with a slop of mud. Perhaps it is not a good title.

How about Meditatingmummy- bibliophile?


Bookworm in Italian ‘ il topo de biblioteca’ – library mouse – my current favorite. Better a mouse than a worm, although I like the idea of a caricature of a worm with glasses who reads a lot.

I also like Bibliophagos – the modern Greek translation of book-worm, meaning ‘book eater.’ Er, that would mean… I eat my books. Actually, I don’t. I smell them, especially when they are new. The crisp pages of a new book… mmm, lovely.

Um, I could simply stay on as Meditatingmummy and continue to write book reviews on this blog – decisions, decisions… some are easier than others, some, we have no choice.

Would love to hear from you all…



  1. two blogs are twice the work….. 🙂
    wait.. why is this not organized in a list of some sort? With a picture of that older fellow… ok, I am giggling.



    1. I am now making a spreadsheet for my new blog.. Oh but wait! That older fellow( you called him an older fellow… *grumbles* will lead the new blog with his picture.
      Aargh! It is more work.. What am I doing ??
      Hugging you right back.


  2. “Hello my sweet”. Walks over to you and plonks you down on the comfy couch, hands you a huge piece of chocolate and a hot cup of tea. “Now, it depends on what you are trying to achieve here?” “You are wanting to set this up for more than people reading your reviews …*nods* excellent idea because good book reviewers are in demand”. “If this is the case” (munch on chocolate and sip tea) “Then I would have another site set up, as this is where you will ‘advertise yourself’ and your brilliant writing & comprehensive skills”. “You can move or copy the reviews you have already done over and you keep MM site for your rambles and other posts”. (more chocolate) “So I would say (sorry Amber (hugs) ) that if you are trying to create something from this site, another purely dedicated to the reviews is a necessity, if you are putting them up there, simply because you love writing them, then you can keep them on this post”. (another sip of tea). “As far as the name I think the Greek Bibliophagos is good – but on your Intro page, you would need to explain what that means because I had no idea, till you explained :-(” (Choooocolaaate) “Any help”? 😀 xxxx ..oh to be in Tuscany to write and watch (not tend) the garden in the sun how.. *sigh* xxx 🙂


    1. Hello lovely, I’ve been chewing on chocolate for the last couple of days and drinking tea, nursing my cold and cough, thinking of you. Have been wanting to reply you. Weeeell, here’s my plan for now…*feeling very clever* thinking there is a plan. I may make this website mine and pay a fee, advertise here about writing reviews and continue to make it my priority, while still writing to that ahem older man, as Amber calls him *grumbles again* he is not old *stomps foot* He is middle aged and adding my food photos and travel ones as well. As a another book blogger pointed out, she was approached by Indie writers first. She was just going along her merry way, writing, reviewing the books she loves and she now does interviews, although she is never paid. The main reason for not switching over at the moment is time. I don’t have time to maintain two blogs. I will plan to switch over in about a year…. mmmm, yummy chocolate. More chooooocolate- It is early in the morning. Do you think that might work or now. Will email you … so much more to say..
      Ahhh, Tuscany, you can watch, while I tend to the garden… sigh.


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    Please have a quick read and give our lovely MM your thoughts. 🙂


  4. ksbeth says:

    i’m happy jen led me to your site and my vote would be for the latin, it sounds all encompassing and bookish. i look forward to reading more from you – best, beth


    1. Hi Beth,
      I’m so glad Jen led me to you too. Jen has introduced me to some lovely blog friends over the last year. Happy we met. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your support. I can’t wait to read more from you.


  5. Irish Katie says:

    1) Uhmmm …. who does NOT like spreadsheets? *grins*

    2) I hope any other changes are not bad ones for you

    3) Separate blog site? Nods … some do that. If you do, is there a way you can also link it? (I have no idea what I am talking about by the way … but it sounds like a question that one might ask if they did know a thing or two about blogging … I think. Hmmm…ok, next item as I am confusing myself.)

    4) One thing you could do if you did not separate your blogs is to use the categories….and only put reviews in them.

    5) If you do go the 2nd blog route – … hmmm … new names can be fun. Mumsy was going to do it once, but decided against it. As for you … tries out … meditandomater (if you want the Latin way) … or … meditando libre amator … (I am so using a translator program lol.)

    I think whatever you decide on for a name it will be lovely *smiles*


    1. Hello lovely girl,
      ha! ha! you so made me laugh…*puts hand up* me, me, I don’t like spreadsheets, but I’m doing them..

      I did add a category “book reviews” today to only include book reviews for now. Then I lost it and found it, I felt very clever doing it though. I am looking at linking a second blog to this one if I go with it – but who would spend the time going to that blog and then this one to read my reviews or very clever notes to Colin Firth. I’m making myself dizzy.

      I may lose what readers I have with Meditando libre amator – damn it, I can’t even say it myself.

      You are too sweet.


  6. MM, A lot of what you write here are your book reviews, but if you move your reviews elsewhere, then what will this blog be? On the Scent of Colin Firth?

    Anyway, if you start a new blog, here’s the name I strongly recommend: “A Serendipity of Books”

    You need to be careful with some of the ones you mention because if you have to “explain” it, then it won’t work. People need to understand right off the bat what your blog is. Bibliophagos doesn’t sound good. If you have a title in Italian, people may assume the whole blog is in Italian or you only review Italian books. Think about it.

    Good luck!


    1. Monica, as always you have given me much to think about. I will e- mail you with a few more of my questions.
      I love, love, love the name Serendipity? did you see the movie? how beautifully you have put it together with the word books – Thank you!!

      You are right, a lot of my posts are book reviews. I was a little concerned since it was combination of books, food, travel and Mr Firth.
      Hmmm, I liked the words Library Mouse in English but Bibliophagos is too complex isn’t it?

      Thank you my friend!


  7. I think it is an excellent idea to have a dedicated book review site. Then you know where you are with things.Personally I don’t think it matters what you call your blog, if you produce quality work then it matter little what the title is. A bit like naming your kid Bootlace, within six months you look at him and realise he has the perfect name. Go for it MM.


    1. Hi there, thank you so much for stopping by. I love what you’ve said. I think it is time I have a dedicated place, some place, any place for my book reviews. Although another friend has given me words of advice I need to think about. This blog is mostly book reviews and I don’t have a lot of time, sooo, therein lies my question.. however, I need to attract writers.
      haha… love the bootlace analogy


  8. I do not like change. Allow me to clarify, I don’t like negative change.**

    Great sentence. I’ll be checking out some of your book reviews. I’m currently reading Language of Flowers. I LOVE!


    1. Thank you so much Kim, I just checked out the book you mentioned. Love the cover. I am sometimes drawn to a story based on it.


  9. maximum9510 says:

    Hello MM wonderful words, in the beginning I felt you were describing my life to a T (maybe coffee) You are obviously very talented indeed and being very new to this adventure I will be an avid follower. Also Mumsy is my confidence booster extraordinaire too. Cheers Max


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