Book Review : Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

I had a sense of déjà vu when I opened Me Before You. It is inexplicable. I felt such a keen connection with the characters and yet, that connection was strange for I knew nothing about the author. I knew not to expect an epic finale, one of those mind altering, shivers down your spine sort, but here’s what I did not expect…

I did not expect to learn about quadriplegics. I did not expect to like the book so much that I immediately searched for another novel by this author. I certainly did not expect to question this one chance at life. I did see parallels to that beautiful film ‘An Affair to Remember’- How I love Cary Grant. But it is not a romantic story. It is more than that, it is serious, fragile and inspiring. And….when I finished this clever, witty, sad, yet mirthful story, I still did not know as much as I thought I knew. I learned. I learned to see through the bravado,  I learned to be even more respectful, to not feel sorry for myself. I learned to be aware of doorways that needed widening. I learned that I needed to learn awareness.

Will Traynor is unabashedly good-looking, successful, highly intelligent and well-traveled. Alicia is equally successful, slightly vain and really good at her job. Theirs is an interesting relationship. Full of health, fun and vitality. You are struck almost immediately of how dynamic they are from the way they connect, although not much of the story is devoted to their lives together. He leaves her one dreary London morning, to begin a life he never saw coming.

Louisa is lovely. I liked her straight away. She has such a Bridget Jones quality to her, I wanted to be her friend. Refreshingly normal, she is a waitress at the ‘Buttered Bun’-Don’t you love that name- tea shop. Lou really likes people, genuinely so. She listens and learns about everyone that comes in. The more I understood her character, the more I felt an irresistible pull to her sweet nature. Sometimes clueless, innocent almost, and yet, quite worldly, Lou Clark, right down to her stripey bumble bee tights, is in fact, quite utterly unique.

When Louisa steps out of her box and applies for a job she is extremely unsuited to, the layers begin to peel. She has lost her job, a decision she never saw coming, and her parents badly need the extra money. She lives at home, squabbling constantly with her sister who has a child. She is made to feel aware of how much they all need the added income because her sister has decided to go back to school. At first, everyone thinks she’s lost her hat. She is to be Will Traynor’s care giver. Take him for walks, give him medicine (of which there are many – pills I mean) and generally make herself useful. She is not to be his friend, his adviser, nor be seen by him, except when he says so. She may sometimes have to change his clothes. Will Traynor is a quadriplegic. This is truly where the story begins. It explodes with color and emotion. You are caught up in its joy and the indomitable spirit of Louisa and her connection to this man. This ill-tempered, shaggy haired, sad man, who is used to adventure and climbing mountains, feels less of himself for he cannot accept his place in the world as a quadriplegic. He is insecure, in pain and angry. Well, rather, that is how he sees himself. Lou sees potential.

As gruff as Will is with Lou, she does not give up. She takes him on, bright and sunny and she will not baby him. She treats him like an adult when everyone else refuses to do so. His parents are constantly making decisions for Will, he does not smile, does not respond, actually, he does not care who he hurts and how he hurts them. Louisa, however, really wants to try and make Will happy. She makes mistakes when she takes him on outings, she does not realize there are challenges to taking a man in wheel chair, in a car she hasn’t driven before. Like getting stuck in the mud when it rains, like struggling to dig out the wheel chair when it refuses to budge on wet grass. Especially when doorways are not wide enough and most of all when people stare and point, Louisa does not stop. As they somehow muddle through it all, they forge an understanding. They become friends. She sees Will at his worst. He gives her an education. He introduces her to books she has never read before, a world of film and travel. There is no judgement, there is no difference in how she treats him. Much to her surprise, she looks forward to seeing him everyday and he, the same. That is, until she overhears a conversation that throws her whole world upside down.

Louisa has begun to care for Will, and the  beauty of it all is that she expects nothing in return. This girl, who everyone imagined would be extremely unsuited to a job as a caregiver, has now put all of his needs ahead of hers and is truly happy with the way things are.

In six months much has changed in Will’s family as well as Lou’s. The core of this story is about choices. The choices we make and how it can affect everyone we love. It is about a life worth living. Carpe Diem – Seize the day! it is all we have. The present and how marvelous we can make it.

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Book – Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

  • paperback, 369 pages
  • Young women – Fiction
  • Published by, Penguin Books
  • First Edition, 2012
  • ISBN 978-0-670-02660-9 (hc)
  • ISBN 978-0-14-312454-2 (pbk)


  1. Thanks for the shout out, dear, sweet MM! Can you believe, this is one of many books that I have on my kindle which I’ve yet to read. It sounds so good though. Must make time. I have good intentions of reading all sorts of wonderful books. But then I get so involved in writing, my work, watching TV, bike riding and Zumba, that reading is the thing that goes. I know, I know. I must reexamine my priorities. I wish I had the gumption to give up TV; that would definitely clear the way for reading. It’s hard, especially since I’m hooked on so many good shows. Sigh.


    1. Oh, oh Monica, you will love it. Such a great book. What are you watching? We are hooked on Homeland, Scandal, Once Upon a Time and The White Queen. My hubby watches Survivor and the girls like Amazing Race and The Voice – when they are allowed to.


      1. I LOVE Scandal. It’s so addicting. I also watch The Good Wife, Parenthood, Nashville, Modern Family, The Mindy Project, Brooklyn 911, and Parks & Rec. I watch other miscellaneous stuff now and then, relating to news, drama and comedy. I adamantly refuse to watch reality shows of any kind. You’d have to torture me first. 😉


      2. How could I forget Good Wife and Parenthood. In fact, I always have to DVR Parenthood as it is too late but I really enjoy watching it later with no interruptions. I am so glad they moved it to Thursday Nights and gave it the place it deserves. Oh and I love the Michael J Fox Show, reminds me of Family Ties and Spin City.


  2. Forgot to mention, there’s no “e” in Cary Grant. 🙂


    1. Oh thank you… I went through my post four times and still missed it 🙂


  3. Sophie says:

    This sounds like an amazing book! I love it when books teach you something and make you think, and “Me Before You” seems like it does just that. I never had the chance to watch “An Affair to Remember” either, so it looks like I’ll be adding both the book and the movie to my to-do list. Thanks for the review!


  4. I would def. pick up this book. thanks for the recommendation and review!

    Love Monica, too. Xx


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