10 Things I learned in Costa Rica

My mother in-law who passed away recently, always gave me some wonderful insights. Whilst we were all together in Costa Rica a few weeks ago, I took as many photos as I could. As part of my walking around the world series – here’s what I learned…

I learned how colorful, beautiful and welcoming Costa Rican people were…

Costa Rican Art

I learned that life and nature went hand in hand – it left me breathless….

Buzzy bee in flight

I learned about the true flight of the bumblebee,  the furriest, blackest one I’ve ever seen

Blue Jay Costa Rica

Costa Rica butterfly

I learned that butterflies were as magical as I always imagined. I had never seen them as big as my palm

Playa Ocotal

View from house in Costa Rica

I learned a lot from my 9 am walks to the beach with my eldest

I learned to let go, as I floated in the most pure turquoise water I’ve ever seen…

Water falls Costa Rica

I learned to stay present + happy and watch my family…

Costa Rica running on beach

Babes on beach in Costa Rica

I learned to stop, smell and wander around…

Costa Rica

Tres leche - delicious..

I learned that tres leche or torta de tres leche( three milks cake) was fantastic when locally made- I slurped ate every bit in a very lady like manner..


Ready for zip lining

And finally, I learned to step out of my comfort zone.. made me think of a question my friend Monica of http://monicastangledweb.com/  asked us in one of her posts – Er, not the most flattering photo being harnessed( thank goodness I was strapped) and um, the helmet hair was to die-for afterwards… but zip lining was exhilarating.



  1. omg you went zip lining? I am super impressed.


    1. I still can’t believe I did it. My 10 yr old too, what an experience. I wanted to do something out of the ordinary and remember a time when I didn’t fear heights.


  2. ksbeth says:

    i’m sorry for your loss and happy for what you learned. great post.


    1. Thank you Beth. It was quite an experience. Each time I walk the world, I come back with life lessons, I think I better myself like this.


      1. ksbeth says:

        yes, i agree and understand


  3. Yay look at you lovely lady, strapped up and all..Erm what is zip lining? Like bungee jumping? Beautiful photographs, that bumble bee how BIG was it? It looks huge?! Glad you slurped in a lady like manner, I wouldn’t think otherwise. 😉 xxx


    1. Only you would be so kind my lovely. That photo is not the greatest, esp. with my shorts all bunched up in that ahem! harness. Zip lining I would do, bungee jumping noooo. Zip lining is where you slide across a cable over the rain forest or waterfalls, many, many feet above. Erm, I was holding on for dear life, no but seriously, I didn’t look down, I looked around and watched those gorgeous butterflies – CR has the most amazing eco system. I had to rock climb at one point and my eldest was going up like a monkey… there I was, trying to get to a foot hold, I had to look down, once or twice and I felt a tremor in my tummy, I may have peed in my pants had I looked down further 🙂 All the nieces and nephews zip lined upside down… sigh. Oh to be young and brave.
      Wasn’t the bumble bee cute?


      1. ahh thank you – yes I would have peed my pants I am sure of it! You brave thing you! 🙂 Yes young and brave – though we look at it now and say possibly young and foolish? Cute? How big was it – in the pic it looked the size of a bird! lol We are having a heat wave 44C today – ugh 😦 xxxxxx


      2. Ugh! and double ugh! 44C – wow! you went from freezing to hot. We are so mild here today, Southern California (about 8 hours from me) is having brush fires. We are a lovely 23C. We shouldn’t be 😦 and no rain in sight.

        That bee was the size of a humming bird… so cute and they were all over that tree with the yellow flowers.
        I’m going to e-mail you. I have so much to say as usual 😉


      3. Typically Melbourne – what can I say 😦 The size of a humming bird…a bee? as in a tiny little bee…normally – are they on Steroids??? Yes email, you are being slack lol xxxxxx


  4. MM, I love all the photos. Do you know that a couple of years ago, I discovered Tres Leches cake and absolutely loved it? There’s a special bakery here that makes it, and it’s divine. But this is such a beautiful post and I so appreciate the mention. So sweet of you, as always. 🙂


    1. Thank you Monica. You know I love photos as much as you. I take so many, I think I drive my family crazy. I wanted to thank you for writing that post, the simplest of things can have the most profound effect on a person. The question you posed and the answer I gave myself, never left me. You have that oomph! in your writing 🙂


      1. Bless you, MM. We are our own mutual admiration society. And with good reason. Thanks!


  5. –I love what you learned.
    I also WANT some of that. I mean, LOTS of that tres leche or torta de tres leche cake!!!


    1. Kim, you are so kind. You would love that cake. It was so decadent and delicious.


  6. Damyanti says:

    I love your lessons, and the gorgeous photos!


  7. Oh my goodness, I’m was SO happy to read the comment you left on my blog! How cool that you are from Sri Lanka. Sara worked there a lot after the tsunami. I’ve never been there, but recall some scary moments once when she was in the airport in Colombo with bombing nearby. It scared me when she went there during the civil war. She LOVES your country.

    Your visit to Costa Rica sounds (and looks) heavenly!

    Hugs from Ecuador,


    1. Kathy, how wonderful that Sara went to Sri Lanka. Um, I think those were the worst times for our country, with the civil war and the tsunami happening simultaneously. I didn’t they could take much more. There was a lot of blood shed on this tiny pearl of land with its stunning beaches and magical rain forests. We just kept hearing of bombs all the time. Somehow they proved to be resilient.

      My mom still lives there, she moved from Australia to be where it is warm. There is peace now, for the most part.
      Costa Rica won my heart but from your photos, I would love to see Ecuador. It is beautiful.
      Argentina and Guatemala are on my list tool.
      Many hugs


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