Good to be back..

I’ve been gone awhile. It feels like years.

I’ve missed you all. I really do apologize for not posting regularly, for missing out on your posts and for not commenting as often as I used to. I’ve tried to keep up, I really have.  I don’t think I would get an A for effort. Hmm, I’ve always wondered why they say A for effort.

Effort is not spelled with an A.


Here I am – re-charged, renewed, hopeful and positive.

While I was away, I had some pretty fantastic adventures. Um, some were misadventures, none of them included meeting, chatting, having a glass of wine or chocolate with Colin Firth. But all were learning experiences. I was sad, I was down but I’m all right.

I’ve read some incredible books, I did not watch ‘The Railway Man’ – I am exceptionally peeved that it wasn’t shown at my local cinema. In fact I am planning a protest. I will picket my cinema protesting in the name of cinematic excellence and Colin Firth, I am not pleased they only show blockbusters.

I have just returned from a month-long trip to South East Asia- Sri Lanka, where I was born. Although I have not lived there in many years, I return for its beauty and graciousness. For those of you who don’t know,  I am Australian, I am Sri Lankan sometimes mistaken for Ethiopian, living in San Francisco. I return for my mum, who has now moved there from Australia, where she lives with such joy and vigor. I am renewed and loved and filled with peace when I am with her, when she cooks for me, when she hugs my children and when I am on an endless stretch of snowy white sand surrounded by aquamarine water.

Photos of my journey will soon follow. I am happy to be back. Back to posting, back to tending my yard and getting my girls ready for school in two weeks. Thanks to all of you for staying with me, for keeping in touch, for sending me love and hugs.


  1. Welcome Back.
    So glad your are rejuvenated and refreshed.
    Looking forward to reading about your travels and adventures. 🙂


    1. Thank you Kim. It really does do a world of wonders to get away for a bit, no matter where it is. Sending you hugs.


  2. Welcome home sweetheart, you have been sorely missed, but I am so glad you spent time with your mum, who sounds like an amazing woman, as she would be as you are her daughter. Look forward to hearing of your trip, I’m making the placard for your demonstration. Love you xxx


    1. Hello lovely, I missed you too. An e-mail is heading your way. I miss my mum so so much. It was very difficult leaving her.
      Oooh, yes, can you make the placard colorful please? I want them to notice it.


      1. Already done ~ hugs xx


  3. Welcome home! Now back into a routine… mom we need… mom where is my… lol.

    hugs 🙂


    1. uh huh, it is already, mom this and mom that.. sigh.
      hugging you back!


  4. How absolutely wonderful. I’m so glad you had a wonderful time with your mom. So important. I too have been away though not as long as you have. My daughter was home for a visit and it went so fast. Makes me sad now that she’s gone. So I can imagine how your mother feels. I wish we all didn’t have to live so far apart. How nicer for you if going to see your mom was only a couple of hours road trip. I know I’d love being able to see my daughter more often. Heck, I’d be making the drive maybe once a month!

    Welcome back, MM! I missed you SO MUCH!!


    1. It’s good to be back Monica. I missed you to dear friend. There were many times I thought of you, when I saw items about Colin and news items around the world which we would have discussed.
      I miss my mom, I miss her warmth and food. I can’t bear it some days and some days I go on. Oh if only my mom did live around the corner.


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