Walking around the world – Sri Lanka ( Part 1)

I love exploring. Any part of the world, any part of my city, state or country. Going back to my country of birth is no exception because there is a deep connection to its centuries old history and its beautiful space on our planet. I go by the thinking – the tiniest places on earth carry an immeasurable amount of beauty and grace.

As I walk the world, I take photos. I am not a professional but I love looking through the lens. I love seeing nature, people or history unfold into a story. What that means is, I take photos based on instinct, color and connection. Sometimes I click for endless seconds, and only one turns out to truly reflect the story I’m trying to tell. And sometimes I take really good photos quite by accident.

This free roaming peacock was quite oblivious to us…

Trincomalee 7

Such a beautiful creature, it is called a Painted Lady butterfly( Vanessa Cardui). Sri Lanka is home to over 248 species of butterflies. At least 23 are considered endemic.

photos for blog


I love spotted deer – they are not aggressive by nature; there is a certain innocence in their watchful eyes.

Deer in Trincomalee

 Doorways and corridors fascinate me – They are to me a window into the world…

The Dutch Hospital is one the oldest buildings at the Fort in Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital. Dating back to Dutch colonial times, It is now a heritage listed building with an enticing and stunning array of restaurants and shops.

blog 2

Galle - 2


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In the ancient trading port and Dutch fortress of Galle and in a nod to our colonial past, lies this former warehouse which houses the newly restored and beautifully maintained National Maritime Museum of Sri Lanka. We didn’t go in. I hear it is beautiful. I will visit on my next trip.

The Photo below was taken while exploring the ancient Dutch Fort in Galle, Sri Lanka.  

blog 7

Views of the Indian ocean from Konneswaram Hindu temple, the temple of a thousand pillars is a classical/medieval building dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.( Photos of temple in my next post)

blog 8













Trincomalee 8


We went snorkeling in these waters 

blog 10













We stayed at an amazing villa on the beach in Sri Lanka’s Eastern Province. The City of Trincomalee is home to endless stretches of velvety white sand and the warmest azure water you never want to leave. On this particular morning while I practiced some much-needed yoga, I snapped fishermen bringing in the first catch of the day…














Do you like to watch the world dear readers? what is your favorite thing to do when you are walking the world?






  1. What exquisite photos, MM. Sri Lanka is truly beautiful. Must have been hard to leave. Love the deer, and the photos of where you went snorkeling. So peaceful and relaxing. Can I join you next time–please?? 🙂


    1. It was so hard to leave, and not just that, leave my mom behind. The Northern coast is just unspoiled and pristine. I could really live there. Yes, please come with me – Bring your sun hat, swimsuit and sunblock and we’re on!


  2. KadSing says:

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures!


    1. Thank you so much!


  3. ksbeth says:

    so very lovely


    1. Thanks Beth, it was very difficult to leave it all behind 🙂


  4. Beautiful photos my darling, love the blue waters and the entrance with water and the ponds, you would swear it was in Asia. As I step into different countries, I like to stand and breathe in the aroma, watch the people. Taking in the sights, with eyes and camera the next best thing. Welcome back and looking forward to hearing more of your adventures. Love you xxx


    1. Hello my darling, I wish I could have taken you with me. There is something so ethereal about the Indian subcontinent and the blue waters that surround us. I’m so happy I flew 22 hours to just be with my mum.
      I’m thinking of you and sending you virtual hugs every moment I can. Love you right back


  5. AHH, Sri Lanka looks like a bit of Paradise. x
    love the photos of the animals!


    1. It truly is Kim. I miss my mom and the ability to escape the hustle and bustle of the city to the coast.


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