Walking Around the World – Sri Lanka ( Part II)

My month-long journey in and around Sri Lanka was filled with so much joy. And yet it was my mum and the strong bond that is simply ours, that brought me the most amount of peace. The time was ours to enjoy, reminisce and grieve –  my dad who is no longer with us(passed away eighteen years ago) was constantly in our thoughts.

In my haste to absorb everything from this trip, it struck me that It was important for me to hold my tradition and heritage in a space that welcomed my children to it. They were not born on this wee, gorgeous island and missed out on the beautiful memories I created as a child. It was not all glorious. There were things I saw and felt that took away from what I knew of the island as a child –  um, that is just my opinion as an adult. My children however, loved every minute, even tolerated the heat because they have learned to associate that joy with my mum. They learned the importance of serving the community, they have begun to understand their role in the world and why it is they should not feel entitled. It is an ongoing lesson, but what a beautiful experience it was for them to visit a children’s orphanage and serve the little girls and boys their tea.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them….

The oldest connection to this stunning temple is the 8th century B.C. It stands 280 feet tall atop a mountain overlooking the Indian Ocean and acres of lush Jungle. We climbed almost 300 steps to the top. Trincomalee 2 Trincomalee 1 Trincomalee  Girihanduseya                                                                                           This cute fella lives at the bottom of the temple  Trincomalee 3




Trincomalee 6  








⇑ I love seeing small businesses thrive. This lovely lady has a store that is tiny, with just enough space to house her hard work and creativity. We bought her hats on our climb up to the temple. It was 90°F.

konneswaramThis beautiful medieval temple with a thousand pillars is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. The earliest reference to the temple is 6th century B.C. The centuries old ceiling from the temple  Temple ceiling














⇑ and this lovely place is one of Sri Lanka’s first Fair Trade stores. The money spent here goes directly to the workers who create and sew by loom. Aren’t they beautiful?

My chicks took some of their allowance to buy fruit and cookies for tea at the orphanage














I find each time I walk the world, I grow. A metamorphosis of sorts. A feeling that something bigger than I, exists. I will never tire of exploring. Do you feel this way?


  1. Love!
    So happy that you spent quality time w/ your mother.
    Love the photos.
    Especially the adorable deer! x


    1. I wish I had more time Kim, not easy to be so far away.
      That deer was so sweet and friendly.


  2. Oh darling, your photos are beautiful. The second photo the Buddha? is a new addition I gather, it looks stark against the backdrop of his home. The deer is gorgeous,what are the coloured materials at the trade stores, love the colours. Are they your girls in the last one? How gorgeous they are, just like their mum. Exploring does bring about a change in ourselves, how small we really are when we experience other parts of the world. We live in our ‘lives’ our ‘existence’ but when we travel there is a part of ourselves that grows. Wonderful post and photos lovely. Hugs xxx


    1. Thank you darling. Yes, they are my girls and love you for saying so.
      That photo with the Buddha in it is really something special isn’t it?
      The Fair trade store has used mostly fabric which they hand make from a loom. The necklaces have some metal, but mostly fabric. All funds go directly to the tradespeople.
      It really is an experience when we travel isn’t it? I feel like I am much smaller when I get back home. It is a good reminder of who we are and our place on this planet.


  3. I love these photos! But I especially loved what you shared with your daughters. These are life-long lessons that they will take with them wherever they go. Taking them to make donations to an orphanage? Priceless. Love the deer, too. Can’t believe you were able to get so close to it. Those cloths are breathtaking and so colorful. You’re a woman after my own heart!


    1. Oh thank you Monica. That means so much to me. It really is a work in progress but I cannot have them growing up entitled. I want them to grow up knowing service and how important it is to help the community wherever they are.
      They felt good buying a whole meal for these children who were happy with very little.
      You would love the colors of Sri Lanka; Saffron, orange & red. We have so much in common, you and I. I love bright colors.


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