Is it me or is the world shifting?

Things feel a little off lately. Running around in haste. No letters to Colin, no funny bits about his new film, Magic in the Moonlight, and er, well, no time to chat on the phone. He is really quite busy.

I’ve some partially written book reviews – fabulous books really. I’ve read and read but I haven’t reviewed. I’m barely keeping up.

The news has thrown me off a tad.

and yet,

I make time to connect with people as I go along my day.  I love to chat with John – an actor who makes coffee  and tells me about his latest audition or role. There is Sonia, a mom, who gives me coffee grounds for my compost. I love helping the children in my daughter’s 4th grade class, do art – their minds absorb everything. It helps me become centered.

These connections matter now more than ever, when events at home and around the world have rendered me helpless.

There is quite a sadness around the loss of Robin Williams. It’s been a week since he passed. I think of his work with St.Jude children’s hospital and the homeless here in the Bay area. What matters to me is the joy that defines him – his funniest lines, his witty, hundred mile per hour mind and his humility.

These lines made me laugh out aloud, they remind me of who he was, an actor, a comic, a simple man who loved going on long bike rides and saying hello to his neighbors – a genie ( the best part of Aladdin) who was a genius.

“Why do they call it rush hour when nothing moves?”










“What’s right is what’s left if you do everything else wrong”








“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world”

and here’s something poignant …

“In America, they really do mythologize people when they die ” –

Lauren Bacall passed. I loved her in Misery. I loved her sultry voice and humor.

I watch as Iraq ushers in a new Prime Minister. It is a difficult time and volatile for everyone there. So many factions to please.

Isis and its unfathomable brutality is almost too much to bear. Beheading with the hope of reuniting, trying to define their cause, terrorizing children with violence. When does it end?

and then, I saw this morning…

The beautiful Malala Yousafzai. Nominated again for a Nobel Peace Prize. Only 17 yrs old and so incredibly wise. While she struggled to recover from the shooting by the Taliban, she found her voice. In her peaceful and profound way, she articulated the necessity for education, she stood up to a strong male dominated society. She became a global ambassador for peace, traveling to the UN in New York with the support of her father who champions her cause. Her book is now available for young girls. As I watched her serene face, I was hopeful again. One teen on a journey, a quest for peace.







An unarmed teen was shot at home, in Ferguson Missouri. Shot six times. So much violence. Why do we allow this to continue?

Malaysian airlines lost a plane a few months ago, nothing was heard, no more has been said and we wonder what happened.

Another Malaysian airlines plane was shot. 80 children on board, many were Australian and Dutch citizens. The sight of tiny pink back packs broke my heart. The crash site was surrounded. Investigation not allowed, while family members watched, needing comfort.

Is it me, or is the world shifting? Do you feel dear readers that we’re all striving for light, for hope, for something happy? I find my happiness with my family, my circle of friends but I also hold a deep connection to the world in spite of the news. How do you find your happiness and what is your connection to the world?


A note I would like to add since I posted this:  Isis has executed Jim Foley, U.S. Journalist in Iraq. Yes, I  do think the world is shifting.. I see cruelty like never before and I’ve seen war.



  1. ****Is it me, or is the world shifting?***

    It is shifting. Sometimes I watch what is happening in the world: Shootings, Mass Murder, Genocide, Suicide, Hopelessness, Selfishness, Godlessness, My sister- GONE….. and I can hardly breathe. Seriously.

    Then I think, “Perhaps I can make the world better. How can I be used?”

    I love what Oprah Winfrey said, “Use Me, God. Use Me Up. Use all of me.”

    Surely, this must be the purpose of life.

    Xxx Kiss and hugs from MN.

    Ps. I LOVE Malala!


    1. I know Kim. It feels like something has changed. There isn’t that simplicity anymore. Random acts of kindness are few and far between. I drive for miles every day and tolerance on the roads are at an all time low. They cut people off, honk their horns and act entitled much too much and much too often.

      Those are such powerful words aren’t they? I think it is our purpose in life, to find a way to serve and make the world better for our children.
      I send you hugs my friend, not having your sister in your life is unimaginable..


  2. I hope the world is not shifting, there is a lot of disturbing news, some with dire consequences.

    News that is more uplifting in nature is seldom broadcast though.



    1. You’re right Amber. The media manipulates a lot more than we know. But I’ve been watching this gradual shift and when I say shift, I mean the wars we start or try to end. Simple words taken out of context and weapons produced with such harmful intent… It is just the beginning. I read yesterday that we are now beginning to genetically modify salmon and meat. When every other country in the world has banned it, the mind boggles as to why we allow it here.. And on and on it goes.


  3. MM, I don’t know where to begin. This is such a honest and sobering look at our world today. First, I love that Robin Williams quote on music. I’d never heard it before, but now will add it to my list of quotes. Thanks for that.

    You and I have already talked about all the tragedy this year has seen. Remember the bus filled with high school students touring colleges? And what about the hundreds of girls taken from their school, kidnapped, sold into slavery. Whatever happened to them. They were all over the Twittersphere, now overtaken by the ALS ice bucket challenge. Which I suppose is easier to rally around than the hundreds of girls who’ve yet to come home, who no one seems to know where they are. The downed plane in the Ukraine. All that you mention, heartbreaking. Now Foley. Poor guy. Isis is terrifying. I’m afraid of what they’ll do next. Is it the end of days? I think not. I think there’s always been evil in this world. But because of the instant access to the news, we’re just noticing it more.


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