Words and Pictures – where would we be without them?

I watched a movie this past week and I did something I rarely, if not very infrequently do. I became involved in the film. Well, not that I was a part of Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche’s lively dialogue. Although if Clive had invited me, um, I wouldn’t have hesitated. I would’ve jumped, leaped, done whatever it took, to make myself available.  But not. So I did the next best thing. I thought of words. In the manner of scrabble. Just like they did. Giving myself points as the film progressed. The film was called ‘Words and Pictures.’ It goes something like this… An honors English teacher and an honors art teacher through a deliciously concocted rivalry, each battling their own demons, engage the entire school in a theme of ‘Is a picture worth a thousand words?’

I love words and appreciate art, so the two are generally juxtaposed in my head.

I could not do what my beautiful friend Jen, at http://ramblingsfromamum.wordpress.com/ or lovely blogger friend Beth, at http://ididnthavemyglasseson.com/ do daily. They are a part of an incredible community of poets and writers, they write poetry and match those gently crafted words to the most stunning, heart warming and mind enticing photos. I’m not nearly as skilled.

I play word games in my head all the time, er, well, not all the time, mostly when I travel now. It is a bit strange but as I hold two hands, fumble for hand sanitizer, buy ferry tickets, carry vomit bags, search my purse for gluten-free snacks, point out historical detail and try on shoes wherever I go( er, I love buying shoes – is there a word for that)? I enjoy the challenge. These days I find I have to scramble in the deepest recesses of my brain for one small word. I am generally consumed with planning for bathroom stops- not to mention my phobia of public restrooms-  food preferences and the nearest train station, where erstwhile quick thinking would allow me to come up with large words for what my eyes or ears might pick up – I used to feel very smart.

I don’t know where I would be without words and pictures. Maybe I talk too much or maybe I think too much. I always have a word for a picture or sound. Every picture is worth one word, at the very least, don’t you think?

Here’s my brain game: I come up with words and pair them with monuments, paintings, music, food and people; they are  random and descriptive.. sometimes they make no sense, sometimes they are powerful.

I found some of my favorite travel photos along with my travel journal, and words I thought of at the time. Some I came up with as I wrote this post.

Alhambra, Granada – sand stone, emerald, lush, fountains, peace, color, still, water

Alhambra - Granada (1)










Boticelli’s La Primavera – allegory

Boticelli’s Birth of Venus – brush strokes, renaissance, earthy, divine

Colin Firth – Darcy, Darcy, Darcy, er, lovely White shirt, Character actor, eloquent, skilled, mirthful, no sense of self.

photo courtesy www.upi.com
photo courtesy http://www.upi.com










David – must read ‘The Agony and the Ecstasy,’ human form, perfect, marble, sinewy,  can I just stay here? – yes, I really did think that, but I had to be dragged away. Not kicking and screaming or I would have been most unwelcome at the museum. I was dragged nevertheless – two persistent little people decided they were quite done staring at a naked statue.

David 2









Gelato- Joie de vivre








Golden Gate Bridge – orange, not golden, engineering, earthquake, don’t want to get stuck. Sydney( don’t ask me why)

Hemingway Museum, Oak Park, Chicago : Farewell to Arms, typewriter, words, endless, suicide, For Whom the Bell Tolls

Koala  with a much younger daughter #1 – cuddles, snuggles, warm, joyful, home

Sarisha and Koala









Mincus: Don Quixote (ballet) : humming-bird

Parthenon –  Lightening, doric, Athena Parthenos,elated, peaceful








Sistine chapel – conundrum, Michelangelo,miraculous, voice of god, iridescent

Sistine Chapel









Sydney Harbour Bridge – home, fireworks, New year, vast

Harbour Bridge







Vatican : opulent, serene, abundance, speechless

vatican museum









So my readers I ask you, do you prefer pictures or words? Are they a pair or are they separate?



  1. How lovely you are, but I always knew this of you. Kind hearted and giving. Thank you for mentioning me, my friend. You are eloquent my darling, you write so beautifully, so give a big call out to yourself as well please! Loved the pics and the words you chose, especially Darcy Darcy, erm white shirt. Interesting with the bridge you wrote home. Oh to return so we could meet! I hope the family are well as are you. Loved the koala and daughter pic too. 😊💜💙💚💛❤️ To you xxxx


    1. To wake up this morning and see this message from you darling Jen was just precious. I think you are so talented my lovely, I read your poetry and I’m always in awe of how you create these words, then add a picture, then write again effortlessly. I do so admire you. Love you for saying I’m eloquent. I try.
      I have missed Colin – time for a note, I think. I did use the word home with the bridge didn’t I? It will always be. Wouldn’t it be lovely to return and meet? At least another trip.
      Miss you, sending you love xxxx

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      1. I wrote a long reply and my iPad crashed ..
        I will try and email this week. Miss you too and thank you for being so kind and wonderful to me. Love you. xxx


  2. Wow, great question, my friend. However, as a writer/artist, I have NO idea how to choose, and, in fact, can’t. I call my art “idiomART” collapsing language and image into one word.

    Oh well, sorry to have been gone for so long. I’m sick with a cold and can’t even remember now which blogs I have and haven’t caught up on in the past week. But we are moved. We now have wifi. And I would seem to be back. Have missed you, especially.

    Hugs from Ecuador,


    1. Kathy, I’m so happy you finally have wifi. I love having you back my dear friend, missed you too. I hope your cold goes away. Not fun to be sick.
      I knew you would have something interesting for me. I love the word idiomART. It is a brilliant way to fuse language and art. You know I love your art and you write so marvelously. I don’t know where we would be without either. Hope Sara is well.
      Hugs coming your way


  3. ***I come up with words and pair them with monuments, paintings, music, food and people**

    You, my dear, are a true artist! We see things others do not.

    All of the arts blend into one art!

    I Adore the photo of your daughter hugging the koala bear. This would truly be a dream of mine. BLISS.))))

    Words? I see colors & shades more than whole pictures. I smell herbs and spices & sugars.
    When I hear music, I see dancers….ballet dancers.

    xx Great Post. I understand. I loved this.


    1. Kim oh how I love what you’ve said about herbs, spices and sugars…dancers, music and ballet. All things that should go together and are perfect in this world just like books…
      I adore you.. Thank you.. That photo is one of my favorites


  4. I meant to add, let me know if you ever would like me to teach you how to add a link to a word, instead of including the website after it. It’s really easy to do on WordPress and would be happy to show you.


    1. I would love for you to show me how to add a link to a word instead of typing the whole website. Do you mean when I add photo courtesies and the like?


      1. It’s very easy to do. Let me look at it tonight and write it out for you!


      2. Oh great! thank you!


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