What’s in your flu shot?

Do you know what’s in your flu shot? keep-calm

I don’t.

Um, well, except for egg that is.

Or maybe, that’s just the children’s shot.

Is it  H1N1, or H3N2?

I don’t understand why I’m constantly asked if I would like a four strain or three strain shot.

It feels like a probiotic.

Now that, I actually take. As if I had a choice in which strain would inhabit my body.

In fact, no one asked me how many strains I wanted in my shot this year. It seems they ran out of one. So I got three.

I went along thinking, three out of four can’t be bad can it? after all, how many strains do we really need?

Five next year, maybe six?

I have been sick these last few days. Stuffed nose, achy body and scratchy throat sick. Tummy groaning, fever inducing, exhausting, sick.

Makes me wonder if I was missing the fourth strain.

Is all the hullabaloo inside my body because I caught it?

Can I get another shot? an extra boost of immunity. Never mind my dedication to vitamin C,  zinc, mega stress B, Kick-ass immune booster ( yes! it is really called that) and exercise.

Never mind the constant hand washing. After all, they say it is much better than hand sanitizer.

Who they are, I don’t really know.

I just want to feel better. I want to drop off  and pick up at school with a smile, not while wiping my nose and waving to the children without kisses.

I want to volunteer in art class with a clear head, using my normal voice to explain how to draw Picasso’s ‘Girl in the mirror’ type self-portraits, not choke on my words or lesson.

I suppose another cup of tea is in order until I figure out strains. I hope I wake up tomorrow, ready to face the day. I dare not say how miserable I feel right now. Oh all right. I do feel miserable. But I’m off to ponder the value of a flu shot.

Did you get yours this season?



  1. Oh, so sorry you are sick, my friend. I had the flu about a month ago, and it was MISERABLE. However, sad as I am for you, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at a few of these lines. Seriously, sickness must suit you. No, just kidding. Great post, and please be better soon, my dear! Almost forgot–no, I’ve had no shot this year.

    Hugs from Ecuador,


    1. I really think I’m at my wittiest when I’m sick, Kathy. No, but I’ve been grumbling about flu shots a lot. I finally decided I would blog about my irritation. Every time I see something on the news about the flu, it is about how they’ve run out. Surely they need to find out why we’re running out, and is it really as effective as they say it is?
      Hugs to you Kathy


  2. Since reaching a certain age, MM, I’ve been getting the flu shot every year. It’s worth it because I haven’t gotten sick with the flu in eons. (Knock on wood) But when I get it, they just give it to me and don’t ask me whether I want 3 or 4 strains. I wasn’t aware there were options. They just give it to me and that’s that. So far I’ve been happy with getting it.

    Anyway, I’m so sorry to hear you haven’t been well. Here’s the cure: Get cozy in bed with a cup of tea and lots of blankets, then binge-watch the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice, with our favorite actor extraordinaire, Mr. Colin Firth! You’ll feel better in no time!


    1. Oh Monica, I get one every year too. I take it because I volunteer in the classrooms a lot and the kids are constantly sick. I even got a long over due whooping cough and tetanus shot.

      The first time I was asked if I would like the 3 or 4 strain shot, I thought, wow! I have an option. This year they swabbed me and gave me my shot anyway. I asked, that was the 4 strain one, yes? and she said, “no we ran out, that’s the 3 strain one. Better 3 than none at all.”
      Thank you my friend, I’ve had many cups of tea, minus Colin. Wish I could have a chat with him. I would cheer up instantly. Could you said Oliver or Henry over? They would make me smile
      I’m off to volunteer in art class – I’m feeling a bit better this morning.

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  3. Oh sweet pea, you are ill? I am so sorry. Katy is right though your humour is showing through your possibly snotty nose. red eyes, sore throat and aching head. Loved this post – hate that you’re crook. Psst no haven’t had one, never had one. My last cold which lasted a day was more than 20 years ago…oops xxxx


    1. I feel so yukky right now. I have not had a cold in years. Makes me think, I missed the strain 😉
      Your last one was 20 yrs ago!!?? what? *knocking on wood*
      I felt a gurgle, a chuckle, then a post came to me as I grumbled about my 3 strain shot.
      Thank you my darling, stay strong!

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  4. I think my flu shot has protection from five strains this year. Long lineups are annoying to get the shot at flu clinics, We can get them at pharmacies now, this makes it easier, no one likes to line up. I had a Dr. at work give me mine, so I brought her home and she shot my roomies too. No excuses about lining up this year from them.

    Get better please, Mr. Hobbit will be out soon…. woohooo popcorn… 😉


    1. Okay, no way! *grumble* you got a five strain shot? Which means I am two strains short.
      I went to a pharmacy too. No lines, which was why I happily selected it. I wish I had gone to Costco. It was cheaper and they got all four strains. Sigh.

      Wait! you got to bring a Dr. home? I want one, I want one. Darn it, back to my many cups of tea.
      Cannot wait for Mr Hobbit – now that brought a smile.


      1. you had to pay for your shot?


      2. Uh huh! $24. You didn’t did you? It’s the same in Australia. A joke is all I can say.


  5. No.
    I never do. Should I?!! xxx


    1. Oh Kim, even if you’re one of the lucky ones who has avoided the flu for many years, I still say yes! to the flu shot. There are so many viruses running rampant, all at the same time, who knows what’s in the air. Either that, or they’re trying to scare us too much.


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