Out with the old, in with the new

I like old. Old movies, old books, vintage clothing, up-cycled jewelry. I like Colin Firth. He’s not old. He’s in a new film, um, that sounds like a post. It is, but that’s for later.

When I say in with the new, I don’t mean a new couch, new clothes or new resolutions.  I’ve stuck to the old ones just fine. Here’s what I’d like to be out of, the old flu shot, the one they gave me from last year, with the old strains, the old bacteria and a new name. I’m not sure you remember my gripe about the flu shot, it was a long one.

I got it. The flu. A second time. Perhaps it was a virus. I can’t keep track. It was the one I didn’t get in my flu shot. To be fair, I’m not criticizing the shot. It did not know I was particularly susceptible, it was just doing its job. Every doctor I spoke with confirmed, it was indeed the strain they ran out of. They ran out of it in November. Why do they say ran out of? Like they’re running away from a disaster. Where are they running? Then I saw it on the news two days ago. Arctic temperatures expected. A new epidemic. They’re not ready for the new flu season. Um, pardon me, but It sounds like a t.v. show.

Too late for me. Mine was long and dreary. It may have been worse had I not got the three strain shot. It certainly wasn’t the quadrivalent vaccine. My youngest has suffered. It hurts those with weakened immune systems. My girls have asthma. Er, watch out if you belong to the weakened immune system category.

My pediatrician said nothing to do. Wait it out. Some relief came via cough medicine. Our nights have been long, the nebulizer came on. A steroid was prescribed. We listened to music. Soup warmed our bodies, herbal tea our woes and blankets, well, we used those to cuddle under and watch old movies. We did feel better for a bit. Saw the Hobbit. It was marvelous. Lots of elves. I love elves and Hobbits, well er, except for their hairy feet. Oh and I like dwarves and wizards too.

We have already missed 5 days of school. We being my youngest. Poor poppet. Lots of coughing and rough breathing. She barely complains. Mostly smiles.

I don’t want the virus again. I’m wearing a mask. In with the Olive leaf extract and oil of Oregano. One to boost and maintain immunity, the other to fight those pesky invaders. I’m going back to being vegan at this point( er, so far it’s one day a week) I’m also keeping to my running and yoga schedule. While I’m at it, I would like to keep our lovely weather too. Perfect for breathing better. Not arctic.

In with a new flu shot. It’s not too late. Something to fight the virus other than Tamiflu, which is running off the shelves too. Maybe Tamiflu figured it out before everyone else did. It can help at the onset of the virus. I bet Tamiflu is making more money than the flu shot these days. No more flu related deaths I say. Out with the old excuses. It is the same every year. Why aren’t we ready? I want Doc Martin. He seems to know what to do. Do you know him? I love the show. It’s British. And now that Downton Abbey’s back on, I’m pleased as punch. I will not be wearing my mask.


  1. Oh sweetheart, you were poorly and your baby girl 😞 I have never had a flu shot, I’ve never had the four. I’ve never really had a cold..perhaps it’s all my bad living that won’t give them a chance. I’m glad you had cuddle moments and warm soup. Good to see Colin got a mention and will look forward to the post ☺️ Downton Abbey ..someone else will be watching it I’m sure 😉 hope you’re on the road to recovery as is your baby. Take care, stay warm. Hugsss to all of you. xoxo


    1. Wait! wine is bad living? I’m in. I need a whole bottle, make that two, to fight the bacteria that find me pffffft! *grumble* You’ve never had the flu shot *gasp* Let’s have some wine.
      I felt so yucky, better now, ran today, felt so good. My baby girl is back at school, I hope she stays fit and healthy. I saw Colin last night at the Golden Globes, I’m still smiling. His wife is so lovely. What a couple.
      Thank you my darling for your lovely hugs, holding you close to my heart. xxxx


  2. 1. Downton Abbey is the BOMB! OMGGGGGGGosh.
    2. Colin Firth is quite adorable. How old is he?
    3. I hope you feel better soon!
    4. Should I send Dr. House your way. he’s cute, too! & BRITISHHHHH. xxxxx


    1. Do you watch Downton too Kim? such a great show and the writing is superb. Colin Firth is timeless and 53 🙂
      aw, thank you, I’m glad to be feeling better and running again. My youngest went back to school too.
      We never missed an episode of ‘House’ by the way. Another great show!


  3. Are you all better yet? Did you see Colin Firth tonight on the Golden Globes? He was the highlight. Just watched last week’s episode of Downton. The fire was terrifying. How could that woman be so careless? A good show all around. Some great lines, too. I’ve already written down three good quotes from that episode!


    1. I am better Monica, thank you. It took so long. My little one is finally done, or so I hope.
      Oh my, it was a highlight of the Globes all right. I loved the joke about him too.
      Just finished Downton and have The Good Wife to watch. I love the quotes, they are flowing. Such great writing. Wasn’t it lovely to see Joanne Froggart who plays Anna walk off with a Globe?


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