An ode to a bear

PB-movieI remember when he came into my life. His eyes were kind, he was very polite.  Not sure if I had even heard of him, an uncle, or maybe it was an aunt,  thought I might enjoy him. Of course I had heard of him. I watched him on t.v. It was love at first sight.



He had on lovely wellies, a blue duffel coat and a red hat. He sat on my bed. His books brought me such joy, I wanted to eat marmalade every day. I still like marmalade. I mean can you imagine not enjoying marmalade? Marmalade has a special taste; slightly bitter, just sweet, a lovely mix.

That was years ago.

I heard Colin Firth was taking on a voice. A voice of a beloved bear. It wasn’t Winnie the Pooh. Although I did love Winnie the Pooh.

Then Colin Firth said no to the bear. I was a bit sad. He has a lovely voice. Maybe not as young as they needed. He had something else, another project, which er, required lots of beating up of people and some kicking. Which also means he’s in fighting shape and looks very good. I’ll be talking about that soon. I just have to talk about the bear first.

I took my children to see the movie about the bear.  Paddington Bear. The one who kept me company along with Raggedy Anne. The one with warm eyes and polite conversation, the one who made teenage angst bearable, the one who came for a visit and decided to stay. Today, he brought my children the same joy I felt back then. They smiled and giggled, wanted to visit Peru, then London. We’re not going to Peru nor to London. They wished they had tried marmalade when I ate it. They also wanted their own Paddington  bear to keep them company, now um, only if I could find one.

They have done such a good job with this film. It was classically British, from the cast to interpreting the story.  A cast that includes Ben Wishaw as the fantastic young voice of Paddington, Hugh Bonneville – Mr Brown ( Lord Grantham from Downton Abbey, Hugh Grant’s friend in the wheel chair in Notting Hill) beautiful Sally Hawkins- Mrs Brown( Blue Jasmine, Persuasion)  Nicole Kidman who plays a proper evil taxidermist. Julie Walters as Mrs Bird( Harry Potter, Brave, Mama Mia ) along with Imelda Staunton( recently in Maleficient Harry Potter) and Jim Broadbent, brings such love to the story. The producers of Harry Potter made it completely worthwhile.

The story begins with a 1940s explorer visiting darkest Peru, but the adventure truly begins when we find our lovely bear, alone and lost in Paddington station. This is the perfect family movie, the CGI is wonderful, Paddington is real in every sense of the word. I never imagined all those years ago they would even dream of bringing this bear to life. The story is warm, the humor is spot on for adults and children. Paddington who is really just a stranger in a new city, teaches children about being polite, kind and positive in spite of how rude and busy Londoners appear to be. He brings the whole family together. The set is delightful, the Browns house is warm with character. What I loved the most was how Paddington learned there were forty-two different ways of saying it’s raining in London.

Dear Paddington, you brought me such comfort when I was young. Today you made my children smile and tomorrow, you will warm the hearts of a whole new generation. I’ve always loved you and I’m sad, I lost you when I moved. I am now looking for a new bear, although I haven’t forgotten. I’m afraid you are not available except as a collector’s item. I hope I find you before long. I don’t think I can wait.




  1. My sister, when little, loved her Paddington. Now I hope my young grandchildren will love him. Can’t wait to go see this.


    1. Colleen your grandchildren will love it and so will you. I left the cinema with shiny eyes and a song in my heart. The film made me that happy. My youngest said to me, she felt I was her age because I gushed so much about it, that was a huge compliment to the film and to me – still in touch with my childhood I guess 🙂 Everything from the color in the film, to the set design was done classically and beautifully. I hope I find a new bear soon. I wish I hadn’t lost my old one.


  2. Oh I loved this and brought back so many memories. I still have the girls Pooh Bear, well ies and all (tucked away somewhere) probably a briefcase ☺️ When the girls and I were in the auk we went to Paddington Station and he has a statue there, we also saw him Bath..he does get around. Giggled at Colin..yes he does fight a lot from what I’ve he does it in a white shirt ..if not he should 😉 xxx


    1. Oh Darling, the movie was so beautifully done. Not cheesy, just right. I miss my Paddington. Cannot buy him anywhere. All sold out. You have the girls bear? Hold on to it tight. The girls fell in love with this bear, We have a book but it was beyond belief to see him come to life. How lovely that you saw a statue of him at Paddington Station – such a fitting tribute. Ahem, I do ask a question about a white shirt, it isn’t wet. Pity 🙂 xxxx


  3. mmm I love marmalade, we make it quite often, I like to add lime to it. Paddington is so cute, I am looking forward to the movie, don’t you think he looks a bit like Carson?


    1. You make marmalade? Is it easy? Ooooh I want to do it. Love the addition of lime… Citrusy?
      Omg! You’re right, He does look like Carson, come to think of it. Are you watching Downton? The movie was adorable.


      1. season five, woohoo and yes yes yes lol.

        marmalade is so easy, you can make it jar by jar, we do a big one now and then and the lime made it so great. You can even sneak in brandy. shhhhhh.


      2. OoOh I want to make… What??? Did you say brandy? Er, pssst, how much can i add? Like a cup?

        Oh my gosh Downton is going too fast for me.. I want it to slow down but i’m also waiting for the Christmas episode – man in white shirt has some competition.


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