I quote Saturdays – Reading

I loved this quote as soon as I saw it. I was a child who imagined characters based on the voices my mum used, to read to me. I am now an adult like this. When I read, I am often aware of character voices and how it appeals to my children. I then watch my children recognize characters and give them a voice of their own – their eyes light up, their minds alert, we’re all together in one space with no electronics, just books to keep us company. It is really quite beautiful.

Neil Gaiman



9 thoughts on “I quote Saturdays – Reading

  1. Great quote, and I agree. Long after my kids could read, I read aloud. My daughter and I took turns reading all the Harry Potter books aloud. Those are great books and sharing the experience made the stories all the more worthwhile. An experience I shan’t soon forget!


  2. I loved reading aloud to the kids. I wasn’t great with the different voices. But I tried. And I found I loved the rhyming stories the best, and could get in to voices easier on those. No reason to it, but it worked! 😉


      • When mine were I did like the “old” stories. Stories I had grown up with. I didn’t mind reading and re-reading. It was fun to see if they caught me trying to ‘skip’ or get away with something. And it was fun to see them become involved in the story. And …..I miss it.


  3. YES!
    what joy.
    what pleasure.
    I read aloud to my children often.
    One of our favorites was Shiloh!
    PS. And I LOOOOOOOOve being read to. I am obsessed w/ audio books. I’m listening to The Invention of Wings at the moment….I’ve listened to hundreds! Lolita blew my tights off.


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