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When I began as meditating mummy, I wanted to create a space that was an extension of my mindfulness practice. I am all about trying to abandon yesterday and tomorrow, just being here today, in the moment, finding inner peace( being mindful is such hard work – er I think about my kids and making dinner a lot) chatting with Colin Firth( because I must) maintaining my yoga practice and reading the books I love.

I still continue with  my practice and do yoga, but write less about it and more about the books I read – well er, I am a bit obsessed – and of course there is the odd letter to Colin.  So when I started I quote Saturdays, I thought it might be nice to find quotes that reflect who I am, those that inspire me to live my best life, and quotes that make sense to me when I think about the world and how we might leave it for our children.

Dalai Lama quote

12 thoughts on “I quote Saturdays – Mindfulness

  1. A beautiful quote and post lovely. Mindfulness…something K needs and should be doing, but she doesn’t 😞 I hope your days are filled with what you love doing..especially the letters to Colin 😘😘


  2. Love this quote, MM. Wish more people could take it to heart. We are essentially, for all intents and purposes, the same. We breathe, eat, sleep and love. So why can’t we be a bit more compassionate towards one another. I tell you, more than anything, Isis scares me. The killings are horrendous. But unlike the Taliban and all the other terrorist groups, these are doing more damage to our civilization. They’re destroying art, they’re wiping out our history. It’s heartbreaking.


    • Oh Monica, Isis was very much on my mind when I made this post.
      Like you, I watch how much destruction they wield through sheer brutality. Almost as if they intend a complete wiping out of groups of civilization.
      I remember when the Taliban destroyed thousands of years old statues of the Buddha and I thought it could not get any worse. When I see images of what Isis is capable of
      I just wish humans could be more compassionate and kind – we have such a giving nature.


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