I quote Saturdays – Being Still

Being still is not an easy feat, the mind wants nothing more than to jump from March to May. To watch, observe and listen, opens the mind to awareness. Awareness leads to less stress, good health and happiness. If we could all just “be,” we would learn the true nature of ourselves.

Eckhart Tolle’s books ‘The Power of Now’ and ‘ A New Earth’ are filled with light and compassion. Good reading when change is upon us.

Echart Tolle


13 thoughts on “I quote Saturdays – Being Still

  1. I think I get this…. “let my awareness rest upon it”. It is a visual and emotional and physical concept I can grasp and yearn for. When I’m busy, oh so busy, I want it. And when I have that moment….I relish it.


    • Yes, that’s it Colleen. Being aware is easy to do when you’re not busy or stressed. The challenge however is when you are busy and running here, there and everywhere. If you stop for a bit and remind yourself to be still, you do, the mind likes it, the body responds and for that instant, everything is silent.


      • I need to meet this challenge. Starting tonight. After I return from an unexpected call to respond to a crisis…..I will need just this. Thank you for this very timely prompt to my well being.


      • Thank you, so kindly, for this. Everything is “okay” for the moment. And feels even better after reading this. The “stillness” is what I need for a moment. It will help. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I can only do this rarely. I have to force myself to be in the moment . Times when I go for a walk, to stand and ‘smell the roses’ now and then and even whilst I do this. I am saying to myself ‘stop and smell the roses, just for a second or two’ . Doesn’t come naturally to me, but I’m sure if I gave myself more of these moments, I would be less stressed! ๐Ÿ˜˜

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  3. What a lovely sentiment. Maybe this is why I love taking photos of flowers so much. They gently dance in the breeze but never leave their place. There is order in the wildness of them and how they grow, seemingly tumbling about on their stems, while being semi-constant, and staying put for a spell, reminding us to stop and smell them. Pause for a moment and relax in their beauty.


    • Nature is such a marvelous reminder of how important it is to stay still, even for just a bit – observing & breathing. Lately, I’ve been doing much more than running. I stop and watch the swans; so graceful, serene and you know they’re paddling underwater like crazy. But the lake is drying up fast and they will be without water soon – makes me so sad.


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