I Quote Saturdays – Thinking

I like to think; deep thoughts, meaningful and kind thoughts, sometimes annoyed ones pop in like a bad penny. Most often my thoughts are positive, a few are negative and some in-between.

I think, then over think, I plan, then think some more.

Over thinking isn’t so good. It’s better to do, than think. Granny taught me that. Er, yes,  she is definitely granny and no, she isn’t really my granny but I like to think she is. I adore her, she has the best lines. They are wisely written and her delivery is always spot on. I feel very clever now. Lots of under thinking, not over thinking. I say it out aloud instead. I rather like it that way.


Downton Abbey quote






15 thoughts on “I Quote Saturdays – Thinking

  1. Lol, I remember when she said that line. Gosh, I love her. And frankly, I agree. My brain revolts on me when deep thoughts get into my head. It’s like a computer and crashes. Best to just have lots of happy thoughts and enjoy life or at least, that which is in front of you. I’m so sad that there’s only one more season to Downton. 😦


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