I quote Saturdays – Children

Children speak, nineteen to dozen, we listen, whatever their space, their day brings, it is always a story.

If you listen carefully, there is in fact a lesson, something they’ve learned.

I used to ask how their day was, they preferred to say it was okay, fine or just normal. I  don’t ask now and receive more – a gift, because so much happens in their world. One child is more forthcoming than the other, older usually. Younger is a teeny bit evasive, especially if it concerns her, although she does talk more about the world in general.

Here’s my quote for today. It sums up my approach with my kids. Allowing them to talk, to express, I listen. I watch. I just am. I don’t judge, not them, not their friends, even if every instinct offers up words I really want to use. I wait. silent and solemn.

Children quote

10 thoughts on “I quote Saturdays – Children

  1. I wish I had my time again with my girls, I think now, did I listen..if I did, did I listen hard enough, often enough. Mothers have doubts along the way, I am no exception. Thoughtful words and inspiring post my darling. xx


    • I have doubts all the time, sometimes I run out of patience because I am tired, sometimes I want silence, but mostly I listen on the way back from school. We have a long commute and oh boy! do they have interesting stories and observations. Thank you darling.

      Have you heard from Mum and Pop?

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      • Yes there were many stories, I just hoped I listen to ‘other things’ that I should have. Mum agreed on Thursday. Friday she wasn’t budging .. We wait and see..thank you
        darling. xxx


  2. You Are such a good mother, and you are raising thoughtful, kind children. One of the best ways to show them how much you love them is to listen. Enjoy these little moments because one day they’ll be over. Treasure these times, MM.


    • I love how you make me smile with just the kindest words. Thank you Monica. I really do try to listen, even when my patience has run out, even when I want to say something in haste. I have to hold on the moments don’t I?


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