I quote Saturdays – Silence

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”Lao Tzu:

It’s been a while since I sat, away. In silence. Observing, searching, glimpsing my past and present. I am irritated, not relaxed, my mind isn’t silent or comfortable.

I used to see and feel silence much more before I moved. New surroundings are wonderful and difficult all at the same time. It isn’t what I’m used to, but change is never comfortable or embraced as well as it should.  So I stopped. All of it. I took a break. I watched some more. And here I am. I found silence. Um, well, some of it escaped and that’s okay. The bit that stayed, helped me write again.



13 thoughts on “I quote Saturdays – Silence

  1. Welcome back darling. I loved what you wrote. Perhaps not just your surroundings that is making you feel unsettled, but that you are missing mum.. Hugs to you from across the seas. Love you xxx


  2. Shhhh
    I am listening.

    Moving is tricky.
    There are changes.
    Embrace the difference.
    Make it a game.
    If before you did it this way.
    Now do it that way.
    If you used to pick this one.
    Now pick that one.
    Everything is the same.
    But you.

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    • gently listens,very tricky this silence, gone before it sits, comes back again, slowly. Embracing slowly, newness is too much sometimes, but a game it is. Oooh like a deck of cards, not sure which one I’ll get. Searching for what wasn’t so new. Me. That’s it. Thank you my lovely.
      Hugging you right back


  3. Silence is golden. Silence speaks volumes. Much has been spoken about silence, but you summed it up quite nicely. Like poetry in motion in the stillness of the day.

    As for me, since I pretty much live alone (with two rascals known as Henry and Oliver), I always have noise on, like the TV or my iTunes playlist. But every once in a while, I turn it all off and sit quietly hearing the rustle of the breeze, a child playing outside and other wondrous sounds. I savor those moments.

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    • That’s it, isn’t it Monica, just finding those moments, where you sit, absorb, think, reflect or listen. I do try to shut it out so I can write. My new neighborhood is lovely; filled with children and wonderful neighbors – sometimes a bit busy for me. I’m used to more space and a big back yard with lots of birds and my plants. I dare say I’ll get used to it in no time. It’s been about 4 months since we moved.
      Well, your two rascals are pretty darn cute, I bet they like to listen to your playlists as much as you.
      I hope you had a fabulous birthday my friend.

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