Je Suis Parisien

  Je suis sincèrement dèsolé Paris






8 thoughts on “Je Suis Parisien

  1. MM, there are no words for the scope of this tragedy and the unfairness of it all. Whatever happened to live and let live? Why are there forces that believe, “My way or no way at all?” Exasperating, frustrating, incomprehensible. I am stymied by all this. And I’m grieving for Paris and for humanity.


    • Monica, I sat in a space I don’t quite know how to explain as the scope of this tragedy hit me with such magnitude. I was with my youngest as it unraveled, as they brought out the injured. We watched in silence with me having to tell her how the world now functions; how a lack of humanity and compassion exists because of
      forces who believe exactly what you say.. ” my way or no way.”
      My heart is heavy. This is the world I give my children.

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      • And that’s the most heartbreaking aspect of this all: that this is the world we are leaving to our children–processed foods that are bad for you, climate change, a divisive government, and now, terrorism.

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    • Kim my beautiful friend, I do not know where we go.. but to function as we do, have hope for the world we leave our children and allow them to live with the truth of what humanity is at the moment. xxx


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