I quote Saturdays – New Beginnings

A new beginning, a New Year. A clean slate, a new chapter, as I shed one more year; my metamorphosis. As the past slinks away, shoulders slumped, no room for its dreariness here, I have but a few goals; read more, post more, run more. Mostly I will practice being present and aware.

In my children, with all the exuberance of youth, of presents received and given – yes, they’ve already donated to charity, I will continue to instill awareness; of how to care for our planet, of how our changing world needs all hands on board, and how they carry all that hope. A huge weight to bear, but if they do it right, they can change this world and its thinking, they can unite all religions, cultures and traditions. Enough with the violence, and greed for power. They must think ahead, and think globally.

CS Lewis - New beginnings


10 thoughts on “I quote Saturdays – New Beginnings

  1. Happy New Year, MM. Beautifully said. The most important gift you can give your children is empathy and caring for others. From the sounds of it, you’re already doing it. Take pride in knowing you’re giving them the best outlook available. Empathy and a global view of the world, well. It doesn’t get better than that. We should all be as lucky.

    FYI, Downton Abby starts tomorrow night!

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    • Happy New Year. You are lovely to say so my friend. It isn’t always easy when they are exposed to so much material wealth.
      I will keep trying with the hope that my message resonates loud and clear. Downton is on!!! I can’t wait.
      I missed the stand alone episode of Sherlock from last night… I hope I see it somewhere.


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