Away isn’t always good when you want to be blogging, posting and commenting, but away I’ve been. Spring break, volunteering, teaching art and job hunting. I’ve hiked, I’ve read, I went to the beach.  We took photos –  they will speak their own story.

Helen Putnam_JPGx2

Hiking in the rain at Helen Putnam regional park – I did a rain dance when I saw the gloriously mossy green tree

Stinson Beach California

Spring Break at Stinson Beach – the sky gave me a perfect photo

The discovery of the Sand dollar

Tiny hands found a sand dollar

Spring Lake

Our hike at Spring Lake, Santa Rosa, California ( no filters here, it is stunning)


This guy has been spending a lot of time on my running trail 

Silly Goose

This one gets in the way, we all try to share the path of course, he hisses and gives new meaning to the phrase  “Silly Goose”


Lining up for the Apple Blossom Parade

Apple Blossom Parade

My oldest was in the Apple Blossom parade with her marching band –  she did not want her photo here –  Sebastopol, California

and finally I discovered something new

Dandelion Chocolate

San Francisco’s own Dandelion Chocolate bean to bar fabulousness. I love our city and need I say more.. I love chocolate


This week I also mourned the loss of Prince.  Back when It was our song, I really did party like it was 1999, wondering if that year would be special – turns out it was quite spectacular. I remember when Purple Rain made my whole world – I must have watched the movie over and over. I sang it with my friends, I sang it in the shower, we sang it in school as we walked to class. I don’t know about you, but purple, raspberry and red were my favorite colors and I knew all the words to each of the songs, Prince,- the sheer genius he was- created. He was an artist. The best. Sadly, we’re not even halfway through the year and  we’ve lost some pretty special people – Bowie and Prince did it for me.





  1. —-Love the photos. The starfish!
    I’ve wondered where you’ve been!
    I was physically sick when I heard about PRINCE, too.
    I’ve been madly in love w/ him for most of my life.



    1. It feels like I’ve been away forever Kim. The girls, their school and just general tedious tasks got in the way of writing. I have missed it so. How have you been?
      Prince was a loss I just couldn’t comprehend – I am so sad.


  2. What a beautiful world. I’m so glad to find it’s beauty, and other’s when they share theirs. We need more of this. And a wonderful tribute to Prince!

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    1. I feel blessed Colleen, a reminder that something is infinitely bigger than me. Our planet has lost so much time; climate change is upon us and a lot needs to be done. Every little thing counts. We realized we didn’t need to travel too far on our break, much of the respite we needed was right at our front door.

      Prince – I will miss him so.

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      1. We love a good respite at home. It’s comfort, safety and quite beautiful-because it’s home. 🙂

        I’m appreciating all of the lovely tributes to him.


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