I quote Saturdays – Tolerance and Light

Today, when Buddhists all over the world honor the Buddha and his message of benevolent love, compassion, light and non-violence, as they celebrate his birth and passing with lanterns and light, sitting, being, listening, I watch a tiny island in the Indian Ocean, my birthplace, struggle with devastating floods. I watch the incessant monsoon, our planet rebelling with odd and unexpected weather patterns. I watch, helpless, as they struggle to take care of  thousands upon thousands of displaced children, orphaned, lost. Many of them poor. I remember the tsunami. I watch my mum rally around with friends, family and anyone willing to donate clean water, clothing and food, her own worries aside. They are strong and brave, they are resilient.

I send light to those who have lost their loved ones on Egypt Air. When will it stop? the violence, the intolerance?

It is how we live now, watching and waiting.

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14 thoughts on “I quote Saturdays – Tolerance and Light

  1. –Oooo, my heart is with you, my sweet.
    I thought you were American. I didn’t know. I’m so sorry.
    Love flowing. Hugs coming your way. Now. xxoo


    • I was looking for the right one Monica, too much going on in the world right now. People in general need to stop, listen, be kind to each other, instead of inciting hate.. if only my friend.. if only.

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