I quote Saturdays – Changing the world

Somewhere inside all of us… says Roald Dahl.

Somewhere in all of us humans is the power to change how we perceive, how we act and most importantly how we accept. In the last few days we’ve watched in horror as unbidden, horrendous attacks on innocent lives have unfolded – Orlando, Istanbul and now Dhaka. A life of a parent, a partner, a brother, or a sister, a child, eastern lives, western lives, it matters not. We are life. Religion in general shouldn’t incite heinous acts. No religion that I am aware of asks for human sacrifice.


We love ardently, we live without fear, we celebrate how we look, how we spell our names, how we sparkle with different colors. Somewhere inside all of us, this is possible.

This post is in honor of all those who have lost their lives, and in honor of the wonderfully whimsical and wise Roald Dahl & BFG, a most beloved author and book in my family.



  1. The power to change. Amen.


    1. We have the power Colleen.. every one of us.

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  2. I do believe “TOGETHER,”
    we. can. change. the world!! xx


    1. We have to.. we have the power Kim


  3. San says:

    This is a very powerful statement.If only all humans knew how they have the power to make change happen.


  4. I think we begin with embracing who we are and celebrating our differences San.


  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I hope we tap into that power soon. I am absolutely frightened for us all when looking at all the terrible things going on today–starting with Trump, mass shootings, racism, police killing African American men, and now, police being shot in Dallas. Say a prayer for us. We need it. We need action, too but unfortunately that do-nothing Congress is too busy focusing on Hillary’s emails to do anything else. Ugh.

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    1. I can’t even begin to tell you how heavy my heart is when I watch the news these days Monica. It is unfathomable to me that these shootings/killings are a part of our daily lives. Not to mention the racial tension. I don’t know , between the possibility of Trump being president, all the time -wasting as Hillary is being persecuted and the recent shooting in Dallas, where might we end? Where is all I’ve got Monica.

      I wish we would harness our collective power and heal mistrust, coming together to solve not dissolve.

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