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As I watch election coverage reach a feverish high, I am reminded of how important my role is in making sure I raise my girls to be present, kind and unselfish in their attitudes, so the world takes on two more citizens that give to their community than take with a touch of entitlement. As global citizens of the future, my children are quite involved in this election process. Unable to vote yet, small but mighty in stature, their opinions circle around our dinner time process like burnished leaves with the air of fall, layering its weight in gentle but important formations, so we might sift through them and discuss issues that arise.

Everyone has an opinion. Me, well, I have mine. I’d have to write another post for that.


All I will say is…

We will watch character and integrity very carefully from now on, the past can remain on the periphery, a reminder of what was. The present is very clear, you will hold our country in your hands, decide on how you protect us, its citizens, educate our children, repair all of our fractured domestic aches, and walk with leaders of the world as tough but fair allies. You will empower children, young girls and young women to be unafraid and unapologetic.

A woman’s vote will matter this election and every election to come, a young girl’s will in the future. I’m doing my bit.


  1. Very well written my darling. We watch over here with much disillusionment of how the politics are actually run. It seems to go on forever, I can’t say I’m impressed with either candidate. It’s scary what comes out daily and I am thankful that I live in Australia. I wish you and all those who reside in America the best of luck for whatever direction your country goes. 💜💛


    1. Jen darling, debate # 2 is on tonight and it promises to be an interesting one. It has been such a roller coaster. I am so sad to see Barack Obama go, I wish he could stay another 4 years. Such grace and intelligence.
      My Aussie family has said to me .. I could always come home :-)) or Canada has Justin Trudeau.. now he’s something else.
      Maybe we could move there.
      I’m happy I get to have a conversation with my girls about women in power and what that means, and how they need to embrace who they are, their futures depend on it. 💜💜

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  2. —–I’ve watched every single debate and read every single article.
    I will be voting with my heart and head knowing I am doing the RIGHT thing, knowing
    I can go home and say, “I’ve done my part.”
    (SIGH) is that enough?
    I’d love to read a post about what you are telling your girls about this election!


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    1. I’m working on one Kim. It’s time. There is such unpleasant subject matter, it isn’t easy to break it down sometimes. I can’t even call these debates contentious.. I don’t have the words anymore.


  3. San says:

    I love the quote and i have never heard it before!


    1. I thought you might like it. I was so excited to find it.


  4. So meaningful, now more than ever. I will be so GLAD when this is over. And I hope that when it is, we will look inward and try to determine how we brought this upon ourselves? What can we do better? We much reach across the aisle though I worry it won’t happen Senator McCain has already said he would fight any nomination Hillary makes for the Supreme Court. Here we go again. We learn nothing. Nothing. I sincerely hope I am proven wrong. Great quote. Did you know that Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the founders of my alma mater? Brandeis University, founded in 1947. And she was among the first faculty. Makes me proud.

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    1. I am counting down the days Monica. This process has been awful to watch, a mockery of our democratic system. I’m sad to hear John McCain will fight her, I would think she out of all people would be able to reach across the aisles and come to a bi- partisan agreement. Not to be I guess. They have not learned anything. They never will. I think my friend’s 3 yr old and 6 yr old understand how to get along better than our parties put together. So, so sad.

      Eleanor Roosevelt inspires me so. I did not know she was one of the founders and faculty at Brandeis. How marvelous.


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