Honoring Dr. King

Read today, read everyday. When you write, when your readers smile, when you teach, when little minds absorb. When you save lives, when you spare kindness, when you smile and say hello, we honor our activists.

Send light to yourself, to all who need lifting, to the deepest of anxieties, to the hope that exists within, and to the future we must protect. We are all activists in our own way. In that, we honor Doctor Martin Luther King.




    1. Thank you Colleen 🙂


  1. and that we attempt, or give our best shot to do. Nice tribute Auntie Shamz ❤️


    1. Yes. Exactly darling Jen. We have to don’t we? Give that gorgeous baby a kiss. Love you ❤


  2. I celebrated MLK Day three times in January, which means I got to hear the Black National Anthem as many times and loved it. It’s a melancholy song, but also a hopeful one, and I love how when you see the video, it always ends with a picture of President Obama. These days, my heart is heavy. But somehow I feel better when I count my blessings. Meeting you in the blogosphere is one of them. Thank you for the nice tribute to such a heroic man.

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    1. Oh Monica my heart is really at its heaviest these days although I do try to keep everything as positive as I can. Searching for that silver lining helps; I seem to find one in the most unexpected of places. I have not blogged or read books – there goes my reading challenge.
      I count myself extremely blessed and I remind my girls to do the same. I am lucky to have met you, for even if we don’t write/post, we share a thought, a line and I know I have a dear friend I shall always hold close to my heart.

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