I quote Saturdays – challenged

When I do not write, I feel challenged. As if i am off my axis. I’m happy to be posting just for today.

Life is funny. It has an uncanny way of showing you how much time you waste. Over thinking, steeped in anxiety, path unclear and exhausted.

When I am tired I step into the Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff. The bear has imparted more wisdom and humor than I thought possible and brought me back many a time from over thinking my role as mum, guardian and protector. He recently taught me that I can’t fight every battle, save every failure and wipe away those battle scars with words. Instead, I must hold the words and save them for another day. I must sit quietly even if my need to ease pain and fear rise to astonishing levels. So I thought of Pooh and what he might do. He would just accept, walk gently and offer a single word; that is what I must do.

Pooh must be learning Tai Chi. (thanks/reposted from William Brown of The Tai Chi Players):


  1. I’ve felt that funny feeling too, Pooh.

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    1. That funny feeling has caused more anxiety than I need, Colleen


      1. Well let’s both stop thinking so much then. 😉


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