Wandering the world -Barcelona

I’ve been away for so long, I feel if I have forgotten how to write. I’ve read some incredible books and have plenty of drafts, but I just couldn’t seem to write enough about them. I stopped and went back to reading, I’m hoping it will all come back to me.

Wandering around the world always inspires me. So here I am.

This trip was a long time coming. I wander a lot, but as we all well know, timing is everything, and the timing was never right until now. This was a place I had carved into my imagination through photos, blogs and history books. A place so special, so personal –  I spent many of my undergraduate years learning about the country, its history, its architecture, its vibrant and passionate culture and its people.

Barcelona. So much character in one city.

Spain has always been in my blood. This is going to sound strange but you know how we all have that place in the world, the one where you feel most at home? The one that calls out to you? I feel a deep connection with this part of the Mediterranean. When I went to the South of Spain with my best friend 10 years ago, I was completely humbled by the Alhambra, The great Mosque in Cordoba and by our experience together. I knew then,  Barcelona had to be next. I did not realize it would take me this long.  Catalunya is its own radiant place in the world, it is stunning. Completely determined to be separate, they are happy, culturally diverse and green. They don’t want the security of Spain, only to be known simply as Barcelona, Catalunya. The flag that hangs off the balconies of many apartments confirm their strong need for independence. They are  proud people and rightly so.

I had longed to see Gaudi’s unfinished basilica ‘La Sagrada Familia.’ Through years of looking at photos, not even in my dreams did I imagine how visually stunning it could be. I had chills. He was a complete genius; a futurist and modernist, they( other architects in his time) thought he was crazy, but Gaudi’s vision was so extraordinary, he was creating 3D models long before the idea of 3D even existed. I was speechless when I saw a model he designed. How? is all I could think.

Some of the interior columns within the basilica are a combination of red and black granite sourced from different parts of the world- Italy, Portugal, Iran and Spain itself. The stained glass lends such a stunning ethereal effect.

construction continues – They have decided on 2026 as the year of completion, it is tentative however depending on government permits etc.

Discovering El Born, a completely bohemian neighborhood was one of the greatest pleasures of my trip. I didn’t want to leave. Every nook had a little “aha.” I loved watching artisans in their world.

Shoe making.



Soap making ( hand-made in this little El Born shop – they smell divine )

Dress making – loved the fashion..


Artists sculpting

I learned more about Gaudi’s other creations..

Casa Batllo



and an early morning walk around this peaceful place was an experience-

Parc Guell


It is difficult to describe the heart and pulse of the city of Picasso, Gaudi, Miro and Carlos Ruis Zafon. The city lives within you once you’ve embraced it. Photos are all I have and thank goodness I took many. I’ll post more as I gather the next lot.



  1. No wine? Gasps.

    I have had some adventures as well. I didn’t go to Spain though.



    1. haha! Lots of cava and sangria … everyday and it was so good
      Where did you go? What did you do?
      Hugging you right back xx


      1. We didn’t go anywhere, We did an amazing thing though, too much to list in a comment. my last two posts offer clues though.

        eeeps wine for breakfast. 😉


      2. Why am I not getting any of your posts? I always think of you and wondered if you were blogging. I may have to re follow no? WordPress can be so annoying. I will go in and read.

        Yay! for cava.. never even felt it .. sigh now I want to go back.


      3. I have made two recently. ☺


      4. I read. I squealed. Rather like a mouse or guinea pig. I am so excited for you’ll. How absolutely wonderful my lovely.

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  2. Every nook had a little “aha.”

    I See That!

    My breath was taken away just by the photos…What would happen if I were actually there?


    What books have you been reading? xx


    1. You would love it Kim. We stayed off the tourist path for most of our trip and oh my goodness didn’t we discover.

      I read Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine- just a beautiful story. The House on Carnaval Street – all her books are amazing and biographical from Kabul to Mexico. The Bookshop on the Corner.
      I travel through my books as well. Next stop.. well, hmmm. Not sure yet. You’d love them all. xxx


  3. Wow, not sure how I missed this, but I love all your photos. I walked through many of these spaces five years ago. Such memories. What a beautiful, beautiful place. Gaudi’s genius!


    1. I remember your trip well my friend. I haven’t posted in so long, it was nice to relive my trip and write about what I saw. It has only been a month since we got back and I miss it so. So much character and passion for food. We did a day trip to Girona- so beautiful.
      How are you Monica? I think of you often.


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