2018 is here

It’s strange to see myself as a statistic on my blog. 2017 must have been a terrible year for I have not posted since July they say. That’s five months.  I did have a wander around the world though, it brought us all great joy. Loved working on the post that followed with photos that made me smile. Back to work after our Summer break. No more posts, nothing to say. No books to chat about or time to review. How can it be?

There is always something to say…

Well, let me see, there was work and children, running here, running there and running because I like to run – it feels like me. Life happened. Not much else. There was Outlander, GOT season 7 and The Crown – anyone watched season 2? lately I’m hooked on Dickensian a new show on Prime, where so many Dickensian characters are an ensemble of something magical.

I have photos of the past five months. Perhaps I will not be a statistic with a blank grid after all.

Here’s what I did while I was away…

I taught.

Amazing art by my 6th graders – Wayne Thiebaud inspired cakes and owl sketches

My 4th graders worked hard on their glue-lined pumpkins

Sun salutations… I run with the sun gently kissing my face. This is often my morning routine.

I am obsessed with swans; they are such graceful creatures

I watch them grow as I run year round, I call it my cygnet watch. Here they are almost fully grown…

This one was sunbathing in October, native to our wetlands and completely non threatening

Lots of chocolate for me to eat. Those who love me, always know what to give me when I am stressed.  I had some anxiety. I did read. I did not post though…


A summary of the past 5 months…

It was good, not great. We survived the first few months of freshman year at High School, we also survived those early months of Middle School. We are grateful to be present and alive. A new year to embrace, new adventures await. Happy 2018 to you all.




  1. Post or no post you lived a life story. 🤓


    1. I did, didn’t I? well it has been quite a story Colleen. At least I had photos that captured some of it 🙂

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  2. Hello!
    Are you an Art Teacher?
    I’m on the second season of The Crown. I’m fascinated, thrilled, intrigued! Can you imagine living like that? I’d probably be like Princess Margaret!! x from MN.


    1. I am Kim. New job.. well, sort of. I volunteered/ taught art for 5 yrs at my daughter’s school and happened into this one. Oh my goodness love The Crown. Gritty, smart. Everything I want it to be.
      I love that Margaret has all the fun, she’s free, yet she’s not. So much character, and then, there is that relationship I’ve always been curious about – the Queen and Prince Phillip. 70 yrs married now, how did they get past their ups and downs… this is like a glimpse into reality but it isn’t 🙂

      How are you doing with that arctic bomb? the temps are horrid.

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      1. Today is a heatwave in MN: 29!! I’m getting out my swimsuit!
        Prince Philip was quite nice looking, not ready for that kind of life, obviously. Can you imagine Harry’s new wife? I mean, she will be eating w/ the Queen. I’d have so many questions to ask her, you know? For example, what kind of books do you read? And WHAT Do you carry in that purse of yours? Lipstick, for sure! xx


      2. Kim, has the weather improved? I loved that 29 was a heatwave for you :-)) How’s the Crown going? I just read that the palace has fired the company that fitted undergarments for the queen, Princess Margaret and the Queen mum for many, many years. She wrote a benign book about her time at the palace – I guess they didn’t like it.
        I can’t wait for the Royal wedding!


  3. Cozynookbks says:

    Nice to hear what you’ve been up to. : )


    1. It’s been so long since I posted, I’m happy to be back for as long as I can. Hope you’re well!

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