I quote Saturdays -Solitude

`Solitude is that time of day when bursts of beauty so unimaginable, find you. Thoughts that feel bigger than you, have no power against that precious time where your truth can finally come out, where every breath is the simple awareness that you are alive and present.

When I run, it is my time to shut out my worries, simple thoughts about dinner and schedules. I run because it feels good. I always feel as though I am running to something extraordinary, because I run where nature and silence take over. Every now and then I stop, take a photo, say a hello and keep running.

Alone time is when I distance myself from the voices of the world, so I can hear my own” – Oprah

This little guy didn’t mind me disrupting his silence

The morning was foggy and the ducks were out, not a quack, not even a gentle lap. I am blessed.



    1. It matters to us doesn’t it?


  1. b e a u t I f u l xx


    1. Thank you my dear Kim xx


  2. reocochran says:

    These were special moments of solitude to share with us. I liked how you expressed the ducks congregation as “not a quack, not even a gentle lap.”
    “Silence is golden!” (or foggy. . .) 🕊


    1. Thank you Robin, I keep track of these precious mornings through a series of photos that remind me to embrace the solitude and not rush. Silence has been foggy this past two weeks.

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  3. Wonderful photos. Great quote from Oprah, too. Did you see her at the Golden Globes? Last time i heard such an inspiring speech, Barack Obama was in the White House. How I pine for those days!


    1. Monica, I long for some normalcy for all of us in the country. Around and round we go instead. I loved Oprah’s speech at the Globes, I was applauding her too. I follow the Obamas on Instagram and miss them terribly.
      How are you my friend?


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