Silent Mornings

When I run, I  watch, I breathe, purposefully, mindfully, and everything seems to have an ease. It is a simple place, this trail, the grounding it gives me, the sun’s reflection on the water. And yet, it feels big. Bigger than me, my worries, my sadness. A place where nature takes over; birds, otters, owls, snakes ducks, swans and all. I feel grateful to be alive when I run. I’m not a brilliant runner, I am just enough. The silence of the morning is all I need.

I am on constant cygnet watch. I love that time when they are babies and trailing their parents. I watch their transformation in awe and wait for the cycle to begin all over again. This one’s beak hasn’t changed color, I have a particular fondness for him/her.

First time getting a close up. Evasive and slightly cheeky, likes to turn away, then fix me with a suspicious look that could rival my mum’s.



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